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Parkland Prosecutors Ask to Investigate Juror's Claim That She Was Threatened by Another Juror
Jury Recommends Parkland School Shooter Be Sentenced to Life in Prison
Waukesha Christmas Parade Trial Enters Eighth Day
Indiana Appeals Court Order Prevents the Enforcement of Abortion Restriction
Congressman Scott Perry Sues to Prevent the Justice Department from Accessing His Cellphone Records
Russian Court Finds WNBA Player Brittney Griner Guilty
Kentucky Enacts Curfew in Certain Areas to Prevent Looting Amid Flood Recovery
North Carolina Opens Voter Registration for Felons
Italian President Rejects Premier's Offer to Resign
North Carolina Governor Vetoes Bill That Required Sheriffs to Work With ICE
New York State Supreme Court Deems COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine Provisions Unconstitutional
California Will Send Abortion Amendment to Voters
Domestic Terrorism Bill Proposed by House Democrats Blocked in the Senate
Trump Held in Civil Contempt After Failing to Turn Over Documents to Attorney General
Jury Selection Restarts in Death Penalty Trial of Parkland School Shooter
Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Making Performing an Abortion a Felony
New Mexico Man Acquitted of Charges Related to Jan. 6
California Considers Proposal to End Review of Pregnancy-Related Fetal Deaths
Pennsylvania Sued by Two Private Hunting Clubs Over Alleged Illegal Searches
UPDATE: Judge Reverses Decision to Revoke Unvaccinated Mother's Custody of Her Son