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Colorado Bakery Loses Gender Transition Birthday Cake Appeal
Judge Orders Police to Release Footage of Paul Pelosi Attack
Ukrainian Catholic Archbishop Advises Against Zelenskyy's Proposed Ban on Orthodox Communities
Police Arrest 29-Year-Old Woman Who Enrolled in High School as a Student
The Five Proud Boys Accused of Planning Jan. 6 Go to Trial In DC
Romanian Court Upholds Andrew Tate's 30-Day Detainment
Evidence Uncovered By Podcasters Exonerates Men Wrongfully Imprisoned For 25 Years
Court Rules Connecticut Transgender Athletes Can Compete on Athletic Teams That Correspond with Their Gender Identities
Federal Judge Prevents Biden Administration from Terminating the 'Remain in Mexico' Policy
Dutch Court Upholds Ban on Assisted Suicide
Texas Court Rules Appeals from Arrested Illegal Immigrants Must Be Heard Near the Border
Indonesia Criminalizes Sex Outside of Marriage
Waukesha Christmas Parade Killer Files to Appeal His Conviction
Michigan Supreme Court Temporarily Suspends Trial of School Shooter's Parents
North Dakota Asks Court to Lift Injunction Blocking Abortion Ban
Suspect Arrested After 'Executions' of Four Chinese Nationals at Marijuana Farm in Oklahoma
Darrell Brooks Sentenced to More than 700 Years in Prison for Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack
Yale Law School Withdraws from U.S. News Rankings, Criticizes Methodology
Recreational Marijuana Initiatives Rejected by Three States, Passed by Two
Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz Formally Sentenced to 34 Counts of Life in Prison
Department of Homeland Security Says Paul Pelosi's Attacker Was in the US Illegally
Senator Grassley Asks AG to Clarify Why FBI Agents Who Lied About Nassar Investigation Were Not Charged