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Fund the Police: Over Three Dozen House Democrats Send Letter to Pelosi Calling for Increased Law Enforcement Funding
Louisiana State Police Investigated by Department of Justice
Deputy Sheriff Killed During West Virginia Shootout
Uvalde School District Calls Police on CNN (VIDEO)
Border Patrol Team Who Ultimately Killed Shooter Were Blocked From Entering School By Uvalde Police for Nearly an Hour
Congressman Nehls: If We Can Spend $40 Billion on Ukraine, We Should Be Able to Spend Money on Securing Our Schools
Proud Boys Leader Pleads Not Guilty to Federal Conspiracy Charges
Idaho Hospital Goes Into Lockdown Following Protest Sparked by Removal of Underweight Infant from Parents’ Custody
Arizona House Committee Passes Bill to Make Filming Police Illegal
Authorities Planning to Charge Instacart Driver Who Ran Over Elderly Couple's Groceries Because They Had a Pro-Police Sign
A Look at Australia's 'Mandatory Supervised Quarantine Facility'
Tucson Cop Fired After Shooting 61-Year-Old in a Motorized Wheelchair Nine Times
Philadelphia Bans Minor Traffic Stops, Citing Race-Related Concerns
Democrat-Run Cities Slash Police Funds, Splurge on Personal Police Safety
BREAKING: Iowa Governor Signs Bill to Increase Penalties For 'Protest-Related' Crimes