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VIDEO: Fetterman Laughs and Waves Israeli Flag as Group of Veterans is Arrested for Ceasefire Protest
Fetterman Mocks Pro-Palestinian Protestor During Campaign Event
Fetterman Says Newsom Doesn't Have The 'Guts' To Announce He Is Running For President
WATCH: Professor of International Human Rights Says He Was Assaulted While Asking Fetterman About Israel War
Fetterman Throws Support Behind Israel, Decries Calls For Ceasefire
Manchin Is Reportedly Seeking Reversal Of 'The Fetterman Rule'
Fetterman Offers To Wear Suit If Republicans Fund Government, 'Fully Support' Ukraine
John Fetterman’s Juneteenth Twitter Post Met With Backlash from Critics
Fetterman Admitted To Walter Reed Hospital For Clinical Depression
Sen. John Fetterman Hospitalized in DC After Feeling Lightheaded at a Democratic Retreat
'The Right-Wing Hates Women': Gisele Barreto Fetterman Responds To Criticism After Visiting Capitol Hill
'We Jammed Them Up': Fetterman Defeats Oz For Pennsylvania Senate Seat
Fetterman Holds Slight Edge Over Oz, No Winner Called
Fetterman Campaign Sues, Requests Misdated, Undated Mail-In Ballots Be Counted
Fetterman Campaign Warns 'Long Week' Of Vote Counting
WATCH: Voters Attend Fetterman Rally with Obama, Biden in Philadelphia
'Sit To Serve': Fetterman Addresses Health Concerns In CBS Interview
Oprah Winfrey Throws Support Behind Fetterman, Despite Decades Long Relationship With 'America’s Doctor' Oz
WATCH: Dave Matthews Joins Fetterman Rally in First Post-Debate Appearance
Fetterman Campaign Focuses On Oz's Abortion Stance In New Ad
Supporters Double-Down On Fetterman, Accuse Critics of 'Ableism,' 'Bullying'
Fetterman Campaign Praises Candidate As 'Brave Fighter' In Debate Performance