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Psaki Interrupted By Correspondent's Outburst During Last Briefing
Missouri and Louisiana Sue Biden, Psaki And Other Officials for Alleged Collusion with Social Media Companies
White House Refuses to Condemn Activist Group Who Posted Home Addresses of Supreme Court Justices (VIDEO)
Biden Names New White House Press Secretary
Lawmakers Are Calling For Greater Oversight of Social Media
Secret Service Does Not Record Who President Biden Meets with In Delaware Homes
Psaki Walks Back Biden’s Comment That It’s a Personal Decision if People Want to Wear Masks on Planes (VIDEO)
Psaki: Florida's Parental Rights Bill Is 'Politicians...Propagating Misinformed, Hateful Policies'
Hillary Clinton Announces She Has Tested Positive For COVID-19
Gas Prices Show Some Signs of Relief As Oil Drops Below $100 Per Barrel
The Biden Administration Denies Blocking Domestic Oil and Gas Production After Continuously Doing So
Venezuela Releases Two American Detainees
Gas Prices Reach All Time High, Show No Sign of Slowing
Jen Psaki Says Admin Opposes ‘No-Fly Zone’ in Ukraine, ‘Not Going to Have a Military War with Russia’
Biden To Announce Supreme Court Nominee Friday
Senators Introduce Bipartisan Bill To Ban Federal Funds From Distributing Crack Pipes
Biden Administration Purchases 600K Doses Of Monoclonal Antibody Treatments
The White House Weighs In On Spotify's Rogan Controversy
Biden Sticking to Only Considering Black Women for Supreme Court, Despite Overwhelming Disapproval From the Public
Fox Reporter Confronts Jen Psaki Over Her Criticism of the Network's Crime Coverage (VIDEO)
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Refuses to Say if Biden ‘Regrets’ Lashing Out and Calling Peter Doocy ‘Stupid Son of a B*tch’
Psaki Affirms The White House Will Not Release Delaware Visitor Logs Despite Biden's Frequent Trips