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REPORT: DHS Collaborated With Social Media Companies To Influence Public Opinion
Facebook Parent Company Meta Fined Nearly $25 Million for Over 800 Campaign Finance Violations
Pornhub Permanently Banned from Instagram
'Nutrition Standards Are Racist' Says Nutritionist Influencer
Instagram Removes Pornhub’s Account
Family of Girls Seemingly Snubbed at Sesame Place Hires Lawyer, Considers Lawsuit
Facebook, Instagram Block Posts Offering Abortion Pills
Instagram’s New Controls for Parents of Teens Now Available in the UK
OPINION: Kim Kardashian Announced as Newest Spokesperson for Beyond Meat
Facebook's Parent Company Meta Ventures Into Retail
YouTube Family Faces Backlash After Posting an Abortion Documentary
META Reverses Policy, Restricts Death Threats To Heads of State
Facebook and Instagram Will Temporarily Allow Calling for the Death of Russian Soldiers and Leadership
YouTube, Facebook and TikTok Block Russian State Media in Europe
WATCH: Actor Michael Rapaport Films Shoplifter in NYC
Nearly 50,000 Facebook Users Are Victims of Private Surveillance
Global Outage Takes Down Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp
Facebook to Pause Building Instagram for Kids 
2021 Olympic's Most Valued Player is Social Media