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Despite Significant Shortcomings of New Jobs Report, Biden Claims ‘Recovery Is Going Very Strong’
Almost Half of Americans Report Having Increased Financial Hardship Due to Inflation
Black Friday Shoppers Paying 17 Percent More Than Last Year for Toys, Appliances, and Other Goods
Sen. Warren Calls On DOJ To Investigate Rise In Turkey Prices, Blames 'Corporate Greed'
Dollar Tree to Raise Prices For the First Time in Their 35 Years of Operation
General Mills to Raise Prices by 20 Percent in January
Americans' Real Wages Decrease Further In October
American Consumer Prices Hit Biggest Jump Since December 1990
Americans' Wages Continue To Decline As Inflation Crisis Continues
POLL: Inflation Forcing 29% of Americans to Miss Meals, Eat Less Due to High Prices
Over 80 Percent of Voters Are Worried About Gas Prices and Inflation
Psaki: Rising Prices Are 'A Good Thing' Because It Means 'Increasing Demand'
Cotton Price Reaches a 10 Year High
‘Shrinkflation’ Hits Grocery Store Shelves Across the US, Smaller Products at Higher Prices
Democrats' Perception of Economy Does Not Align With Reality, Poll Finds
Biden: Report Showing Highest Inflation Since 2008 Is 'Good Monthly Report'
Shake Shack Will Raise Prices Due to Looming Inflation
Fed Chairman: 'Generous Unemployment Benefits' Keep People From Getting Jobs, High Inflation Will Continue
Biden's Inflation Causes Wages To Drop By Almost 2%
Biden Economy Underperforms Again
CNBC Mocked For Arguing 'Rising Wages' Are 'Silver Lining' Of Inflation