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“Illegal Aliens”

Texas Passes Bill Allowing Authorities to Arrest Migrants Who Illegally Cross the U.S. Southern Border
Mayor Eric Adams Travels To Mexico, Tells Residents New York City Has 'No More Room' For Migrants
Biden Administration Will Now Build Wall On Southern Border As Migrant Crisis Worsens
CBP Agent Addresses Border Patrol Authorities Cutting Concertina Wire to Allow Migrants Into the U.S.
Biden Admin Says 99.97% of Illegal Aliens Use Customs and Border Patrol App
Amid Migrant Surge in NYC, Residents Say More Work Permits Are the Solution
Federal Judge Issues Second Ruling That DACA Program Is Illegal
82% Of New Yorkers Say Migrant Influx Is A 'Serious Problem'
Massachusetts Declares State of Emergency Over Illegal Aliens
'Everything is on the Table': NYC Officials Considering Relocating Migrants To City Parks
New Data: Nearly 1-in-4 Public School Students Are Children of Illegal Aliens or Immigrants
Surge In Illegal Immigration Under Biden Will Cost Americans An Additional $12.6 Billion Per Year
Biden Vows To Veto House Border Enforcement Bill Amid Increasing Illegal Immigration
Biden Administration Sending 1,500 Troops To Southern Border
1,000 Illegal Aliens Storm U.S. Southern Border In El Paso
College Sports Announcer 'Immediately and Indefinitely' Suspended for Using Phrase 'Illegal Aliens'
Largest Migrant Caravan in History Crosses Into U.S.
Illegal Immigration Crisis Persists Under Biden Administration