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NHS Allocates £1.3B For COVID Compensation Claims
Life Insurance Payouts Reached Record High $100B in 2021
Study: Overwhelming Majority Of Americans Support Legalization of Marijuana
Europe Faces 'Cancer Epidemic' After 100M Screenings Missed Due To COVID-19 Protocols
Scientists Say Processed Foods Should Be Classified As Drugs
Vermont Water Superintendent Resigns Rather than Raise Town's Fluoride Level
CDC Advisory Group Recommends Adding COVID-19 Vaccine to Immunization Schedule
Belgian Woman, 23, Permitted to Die Via Assisted Suicide Due to Bombing-Related Mental Suffering
US Department Of Health And Human Services Purchases $290 Million In Nuclear Emergency Drugs
Pentagon Report Finds 77% of Young Americans are Ineligible for Military Service
White House Releases Biden-Harris Administration's Strategy On Hunger, Nutrition, Health
L.A. Schools to Carry Narcan After Recent Fentanyl Overdoses
White House Says 15-Week Abortion Limit Would 'Create a Nationwide Health Crisis'
'Nutrition Standards Are Racist' Says Nutritionist Influencer
Montana Health Department Adopts Rule Banning Alteration of Sex Listing on Birth Certificate
New York Declares Disaster Emergency After Polio Detected in Wastewater
John Fetterman Agrees to Debate Dr. Mehmet Oz in October
John Fetterman Declines to Take Part in Debate with Mehmet Oz
First US Death of Person with Monkeypox Confirmed in Texas
Biden Administration Announces $11 Million Monkeypox Vaccine Production Deal
Dr. Anthony Fauci Announces He Will Step Down in December
OPINION: TikTok 'Vasectomy' Trend Has Users Going Nuts