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Spanish Legislators Propose Monthly Menstrual Leave and Abortion Rights for Teens
Doctors Sue HHS Secretary Over Medicare 'Anti-Racism' Plans
HHS Secretary Becerra Argues Transgender Surgeries for Minors Should Be Aided by the Government
CDC Decreased Total COVID-19 Deaths by Over 70,000
Unvaccinated People Denied Organ Transplants Prompt US Lawmakers to Propose SAVE ACT
Supreme Court Declines To Intervene On Behalf of Maine Health Care Workers Facing Vaccine Mandate
West Virginia Seeks Waiver For Rural Hospital Workers From Federal COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
Biden Administration Withdraws COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate For Businesses In Wake of Supreme Court Ruling
More than 70% of Americans Are in Favor of Abortion Restrictions, According to New Poll
LA Trauma Center Shuts Down Due to Blood Shortage
European Medicine Agency Warns Repeated Booster Shots Could Weaken Immune System
Red Cross Declares First-Ever National Blood Crisis
Unvaccinated Women in Scotland Denied Fertility Treatment
CDC Study Find 61% of Teenagers Hospitalized For COVID-19 Were Obese
Washington’s Gender-Affirming Care Law Begins Jan. 1
New York Proposes Ending Religious Exemptions, Inoculations Without Parental Consent & Forced 'Removal' of Disease 'Cases, Contacts & Carriers'
Doctors Who Implement ‘Anti-Racism Plan’ Given Bonuses by Biden Administration
Biden Administration Asks For Emergency Reinstatement of Vaccine Mandate For Health Care Workers
Vaccine Mandate Upends Industries In Need of Workers
Eighteen Former NBA Players Charged With Defrauding the League