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Soaring Diesel Prices Put Pressure on Truckers, Farmers, Consumers
Nearly 9 in 10 Americans Say the Country is On the Wrong Track
California Dems Form Committee to Investigate Gas Price Gouging
New Study: 75% of Americans Struggling With Money, Health Due to Inflation
Biden Will Ask Congress to Suspend Gas Tax for Three Months
Exxon Pushes Back Against Biden on Gas Prices
Biden May Opt to Use Emergency Powers Against Oil Companies
Gas Prices Surpass $5 Per Gallon in 10 States, D.C.
Majority of US Voters Say Their Financial Situation is Worsening
Biden Says Record-High Gas Prices Are Part of 'Incredible Transition' Away From Fossil Fuels (VIDEO)
Gas Prices Set New Record Highs
Biden's Push for E-15 Could Cost Drivers Thousands Of Dollars
President Biden Will Announce Efforts to Ease Gas Prices
Applebee's Franchise Executive Said High Gas Prices Will 'Force People Back Into The Work Force'
Sanctions on Russia May Lead To a Worldwide Food Crisis, Experts Warn
Republicans Hold Voter Registration Events At Gas Stations
Michigan Legislature Advances Bill That Would Pause State Gas Tax to Govenor's Desk
Uber To Add Fuel Surcharge to Rides and Deliveries on March 16
Sen. Cruz Slams Biden Admin Over Rising Energy Prices
Over 80 Percent of Voters Are Worried About Gas Prices and Inflation