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Harvard University Ranked Nation's Worst School for Free Speech
X Corp. Warns of Legal Action Against Nonprofit over ‘False and Misleading Claims About Twitter’
YouTube Reverses Policy — Will Allow Users to Question Election Results
Journalist Warns Governments Ushering In Global Totalitarianism Under Guise of 'Hate Speech' Laws
Federal Judge Rules After School Satan Club Must be Allowed to Convene in Pennsylvania
WATCH: Massachusetts 7th Grader Speaks at Board Meeting After Being Sent Home Over Shirt Saying 'There Are Only Two Genders'
Twitter Removes Portions of 'Hateful Conduct' Policy That Prohibited 'Deadnaming' and 'Misgendering' Transgender People
Federal Judges Announce They Will Not Hire Stanford Law Students as Clerks
European Commission VP Says U.S. Will Soon Impose Hate Speech Laws
Mall of America Security Asks Customer to Remove 'Jesus Saves' Shirt, Claim it Was 'Offending People'
PERSPECTIVE: What Really Happened At Penn State’s Protest Against Free Speech?
Students File Lawsuit Against California Community College for Allegedly Banning Conservative Group's Flyers
British Feminist Says She Was Visited By Police and Accused of a Hate Crime for Being 'Untoward About Pedophiles' in a YouTube Video
Court Upholds EU Ban on TV Channel Russia Today
OPINION: Penn State Attempts to Shut Down Free Speech, Slaps Students with $2,000 Bill
Missouri and Louisiana Sue Biden, Psaki And Other Officials for Alleged Collusion with Social Media Companies
Musk’s Purchase of Twitter Fortifies Freedom of Speech
Ohio University Agrees to Pay Professor $400K Settlement After Disciplining Him for Refusing to Use Student's 'Preferred Pronouns'
Swedish Police Investigate Riots That Broke Out After Group Proposed Quran Burnings
Washington Considers Bill Outlawing Lying About Elections
Staffordshire University Criminology Professor Under Investigation for Tweeting That Prisons Should Be Single-Sex
Lawsuit Filed In New Hampshire To Block 'Diverse Concepts' Law