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White House Press Secretary Says Fentanyl is ‘At Historic Lows’ Under Biden
Biden Admin Sanctions Sinaloa Cartel Over Fentanyl
FDA Considers Making Narcan An Over-the-Counter Medication
Kentucky AG Launches Initiative to Combat Fentanyl
Wyoming Bill Would Allow Charging Drug Dealers With Homicide
FBI Investigating Snapchat's Role In Teen Fentanyl Deaths
Iowa Family Files Lawsuit Against Snapchat, Allege Woman's Death Was Enabled By Ease of Obtaining Drugs on the Platform
Trump Advocates Death Penalty For Smugglers, Human Traffickers In 2024 Drug Cartel Policy
US Life Expectancy Hits Lowest Age in Two Decades
10-Month-Old Baby Overdoses After Fentanyl Ingested At Playground
San Francisco Mayor Apologizes for Saying ‘A Lot of People’ from Honduras Deal Drugs
L.A. Schools to Carry Narcan After Recent Fentanyl Overdoses
Republican Representatives Back Bill That Would Make Fentanyl Distribution a Felony Murder Offense
Texas Governor Greg Abbott Designated Mexican Cartels as Terrorist Organization in New Executive Order
Attorneys General From 18 States Join Bipartisan Push to Have Fentanyl Classified as a WMD
13-Year-Old Arrested After Bringing Fentanyl to School, Causing School Supervisor to Overdose
Congressman Paul Gosar Backs Bill That Would Classify Fentanyl as a Weapon of Mass Destruction
Lauren Boebert Pushes to Have Fentanyl Classified as Weapon of Mass Destruction
NYC to Set Up Syringe Vending Machines In Fight Against The Opioid Crisis
Arizona Police Seize Record Breaking Amount of Fentanyl, Enough to 'Kill Half the Population' of the State
Fentanyl Dealer To Plead Guilty In Mac Miller’s Death
REPORT: Seizures of Fentanyl at US-Mexico Border Doubled in the Last 12 Months