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Opinion: All Hail Taylor Swift, The Resistant Queen of Femininity
Iconic 'Feminist' Punk Band Anti-Flag Breaks Up, Deletes All Social Media After Lead Singer is Accused of Rape on Podcast
The Equal Rights Amendment Fails in the Senate Despite Revival Efforts
Camille Anna Paglia: The Anti-Feminist Feminist
Phyllis Schlafly: The So-Called First Lady of Anti-Feminism
Kansas Republicans Pass Bill to Define a Woman as a 'Biological Female' for All Legal Purposes, Zero Democrats Vote in Favor
Transgender Miss Universe Owner Declares Pageant Will 'Celebrate the Power of Feminism'
J.K. Rowling's New Book Features Fictional YouTuber Being Murdered After Trolls Declare the Character 'Transphobic'
British Feminist Says She Was Visited By Police and Accused of a Hate Crime for Being 'Untoward About Pedophiles' in a YouTube Video
#TwitterHatesWomen Trends After Black Feminist is Permanently Banned for Saying 'Trans Rights' Are 'Rape Culture in Disguise'
Minnie Mouse To Ditch Classic Red Dress For Designer Pantsuit 
Boise State Professor Condemns Feminism, Says Do Not Recruit Women For Engineering, Medical School, Law
Leftists Trying to Cancel 'Handmaid’s Tale' Author Margaret Atwood for Tweeting Article Critical of Trans Agenda
Feminists Protest Statue of Marilyn Monroe in California