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FBI Offers $100,000 Reward for Capture of Fugitive ‘Cryptoqueen,’ Adds Her to Top Ten Most Wanted List
FBI Seizes Cellphone of Nevada Republican Party Chairman Amid Investigation into Efforts to Undermine the Electoral College
Leading Michigan GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Ryan Kelley Raided, Arrested in Connection with January 6 Protest
Multiple Whistleblowers Allege FBI Is Purging Conservatives
Representative Ashley Hinson Questions Border Patrol Over Release of Suspected Terrorist
Congress Holds Public Hearing on UFOs
Randy Weaver of the Ruby Ridge Standoff Dies at 74
FBI Investigating Multiple Parents Who Protested Education Policies, Contradicting AG Garland’s Testimony
House Set To Hold First UFO Hearing In 50 Years
Suspect in Texas Synagogue Hostage Conflict is Identified
BREAKING: Oath Keepers Leader and Ten Members Charged With 'Seditious Conspiracy' Over January 6
Ted Cruz Demands White House 'Fess Up' About FBI Involvement on January 6 (VIDEO)
Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene Call For More Info From Jan. 6 Committee at Anniversary Event
Recently Released JFK Documents Met with Disappointment
Biden Administration Expected to Release Records on JFK's Assassination Wednesday
Judge Extends Ban on New York Times' Coverage of Project Veritas
ACLU Denounces Government’s ‘Invasive Searches and Seizures’ of Project Veritas 
REPORT: FBI Finds Little Evidence January 6th Riot at US Capitol ‘Was Coordinated’