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Dutch Government Cuts Flights at Schiphol Airport to Reduce Pollution
Belgium Announces Required 21-Day Monkeypox Quarantine
Monkeypox Detected in 11 Countries, Reports WHO
Spanish Legislators Propose Monthly Menstrual Leave and Abortion Rights for Teens
Finland 'Must Apply For NATO Membership Without Delay,' Say President and Prime Minister
Germany Reverses Course on Russian Oil Embargo After Reaching Deal with Poland
Muslim Voter Turnout in America Increased in 2020
Germany Will End Most COVID-19 Restrictions On March 20
Microsoft Reveals Ukrainian Government Computer System Hit with Destructive Malware
European Medicine Agency Warns Repeated Booster Shots Could Weaken Immune System
Giorgio Armani Cancels Two European Fashion Shows, Blames COVID Surge
EU Backtracks After Being Accused of Trying To ‘Cancel Christmas’ With New Language Directive
South Africa: Epicenter of the Omicron Variant
Germany, Denmark Upgraded to ‘Avoid Travel’ Status
Nick Cannon Calls Having Children with One Woman “a Eurocentric concept”