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The Richest 1% Emit As Much Pollution As the Poorest Two-Thirds of World's Population
On Tour to Promote Electric Vehicles, U.S. Energy Secretary's Team Couldn't Find Enough Charging Stations
NASA Data Show Volcanic Eruption, Not Man-Made Climate Change, Likely Cause of Record Heat Wave
Biden Requests First-Ever Hazard Alert for Heat
Fire 'Started With Electric Cars' Threatens to Sink Cargo Ship Carrying 3,000 Vehicles
'I Don’t Believe There is a Climate Crisis,' Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Says
NYC Aims to Crack Down On Pizza Ovens to Reduce Carbon Emissions
Wildfire Smoke From Canada Blankets Northeast, Causes Travel Disruptions
Arizona Halts New Building Construction As Concern Over Adequate Supply Of Groundwater Grows
Biden Rule Wants Power Plants To Cut Pollution By 90%, Or Be Shut Down
New York To Become First State To Ban Natural Gas Hookups In New Buildings
Colorado City Wants To Ban New Gas Stations to Fight Climate Change
Dutch Farmer Protest Party Picks Up 17 Seats In Huge Election Win
Environmental Groups Sue Biden Admin Over ConocoPhillips' Willow Oil Project in Alaska
Exclusive: U.S. Officials Address 'Asymmetric Warfare' In Recent Train Derailments
European Farmers Rise Up In Protest Over Climate Policy
East Palestine Residents Reporting Illnesses Following Chemical Spill
Nikki Haley Proposes Carbon Capture Technology To Address Climate Change
Biden Administration Says Air Near Derailed Train and Controlled Chemical Burn is Safe Amid Concerns of Water Contamination
Company Uses EV Batteries To Store Power For California's Electric Grid
Federal Government May Remove Grizzly Bears from Endangered Species List in Montana, Wyoming
Xbox To Regulate Console's Power Usage To Reduce Carbon Emissions