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Nearly All of Stacey Abrams’ Campaign Donors Are Out-of-State
Democrats on the North Carolina Election Board Vote Against Letting Green Party Candidates on the Ballot
Seven in 10 Americans Do Not Want Biden Running for Re-Election
Joe Rogan: 'Ron DeSantis Would Work As a Good President' (VIDEO)
More Than 1 Million Voters Leave Dems, Switch to GOP
Texas Republicans Declare Biden 'Illegitimately Elected,' Reject 2020 Election Certification
Indiana Man Wins Primary, Despite Being Jailed For Wife's Murder
North Carolina Court Permits Felons to Vote in November Election Following Split Decision
Muslim Voter Turnout in America Increased in 2020
Le Pen, Supporters Discuss Headscarf Ban Amid Close Presidential Election
Tennesseans File Federal Lawsuit Challenging Residency Requirement Legislation
AZ Governor Doug Ducey Signs Bill Requiring Proof of Citizenship to Vote
Arizona Senate Passes Bill Ensuring Only US Citizens Can Vote in Elections
Matthew Perna, Charged in Capital Riots, Dead at 37
Thousands of Texas Ballots Are Rejected In The Wake of New Voter Laws
Felons In Office: Libertarian Mayoral Election Hinges On Disputed Pennsylvania Law
Pennsylvania Court Strikes Down Mail-In Voting Law
Trump Leads Biden by Six Points in 2024 Poll
Court Rejects Trump's Request to Keep Documents from Jan 6 House Committee
Libertarian Economist Takes Third Place In Chilean Election Despite Campaigning From America
Ciattarelli Campaign Weighed In On Possible Recount in New Jersey
How the Dems Lost The Old Dominion