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Jordan Peterson Appointed Chancellor of Ralston College
Department of Education Forgives Student Loans for 110,000 Public Service Employees
Kansas Legislature Upholds Governor's Veto of Transgender Sports Bill
Tennessee Governor Adds Penalties for Schools Allowing Transgender Students to Play on Girls Sports Teams
Canadian University Offers Tenured Position for Select Gender Minorities Only
Ohio School Board President Resigns After Being Busted in 'To Catch a Predator' Style YouTube Sting (VIDEO)
Florida Shares Examples of Critical Race Theory In Banned Text Books
Google To Invest $300 Million in Virginia by Increasing Data Centers, Expanding Computer Education
Parent Dressed as Easter Bunny Hands Out Condoms in Plastic Eggs at Texas Elementary School
Florida Rejects Math Books With References to Critical Race Theory
Maryland Department of Education Will Require Pre-K Students to Learn about Gender Identity and Expression
Ohio Introduces Parental Rights in Education Bill, Takes Aim at Promotion of 'Divisive Concepts' in Schools
Psaki: Florida's Parental Rights Bill Is 'Politicians...Propagating Misinformed, Hateful Policies'
Georgia Governor to Sign 'Parents' Bill of Rights' For Education
Education Transparency Bill Requiring Teachers to Post Curriculum Online for Parents to Review Passes Iowa House
Florida Kindergarten Teacher Frets on MSNBC About Not Being Able to Talk to Students About His Boyfriend (VIDEO)
Florida Governor DeSantis Signs Bill Protecting Parental Rights in Education
New Jersey Middle School Students Shown Video About Transgender Hormone Treatment Without Notifying Parents
Wisconsin Passes Parental Rights Bill To Protect Kids
Just 24 Percent of Americans Believe Public Schools Are On the Right Track, Majority Distrust the Way Teachers Are Handling Race Issues
Minneapolis Schools Closed for Tenth Day as Teachers Strike Over Wages and 'Mental Health Support'
North Carolina Schools List Students By 'Chosen Name' Rather Than By Legal Name