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Charter School Enrollment Surge Continues Across U.S.
New York Orders Schools to Change Native American Team Names Or Risk Losing Funding
UNC Charlotte Updates Weapons Policies So Sikh Students Can Carry Ceremonial Dagger on Campus
Yale Law School Withdraws from U.S. News Rankings, Criticizes Methodology
'So Stupid': Eric Swalwell Criticizes Parents Seeking Control Of Children's Education
Trinity College Students Told to Take Down Blue Line Flag Because of 'Safety Concern'
Florida BOE Adopts Policy Requiring Schools to Inform Parents if Students Are Allowed to Use Restrooms for Opposite Sex
Rep. Debbie Lesko Introduces Constitutional Amendment To Protect Parental Rights
House Reps Order DOJ to Preserve Records In Investigation Over Labeling Parents 'Domestic Terrorists'
Arizona Families Demand Secretary of State Stop Delaying Implementation of School Choice Law
California Delays Release of Student Test Scores
Arizona School Choice Going Forward After Last Ditch Effort to Stall Fails
New Jersey Schools Required To Teach Kids About Anal Sex, Masturbation
L.A. Schools to Carry Narcan After Recent Fentanyl Overdoses
Seattle Teacher's Union Reaches Tentative Agreement With School District
Florida Teacher Arrested for 'Twerking' on Student at the Prom
13-Year-Old Arrested After Bringing Fentanyl to School, Causing School Supervisor to Overdose
West Virginia AG Files Opening Brief in Challenge Ahead of Hope Scholarship Hearing
West Virginia Launches All-Electric School Bus Pilot Program
Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin Signs Executive Order Addressing Teacher Shortage
The History of U.S. Student Loan Debt
Reading & Math Scores Saw Historic Decline During Pandemic