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Majority of US Voters Say Their Financial Situation is Worsening
Biden Says Record-High Gas Prices Are Part of 'Incredible Transition' Away From Fossil Fuels (VIDEO)
Baby Formula Maker Reaches Deal With FDA To Reopen Manufacturing Plant in Michigan
McDonalds Is Exiting Russia After More than 30 years
Diesel Fuel Stockpiles Lowest on Record As Prices Soar, Rationing Possible
Las Vegas Casino Gives All Employees a $5,000 Bonus
Producer Price Index Rises Again, Signaling Continued Inflation Trends
Baby Formula Shortage Persists, FDA Says 'We Are Doing Everything in Our Power'
The Biden Administration Cancels Prominent Oil And Gas Leases
May's Inflation Numbers Show Continued Increase in Food, Energy And Housing Costs
Warhol Painting Sets New Record at Auction
Gas Prices Set New Record Highs
President Biden to Address Nation on Inflation Tuesday
Baby Formula Shortage Impacts Families Across the U.S.
Pelosi Announces $45,000 Minimum Salary For House Staffers
April Payroll Report Shows Better Job Growth and Lower Wage Increase
Amazon Posts $3.8 Billion Loss So Far In 2022
Twitter's Earnings Report Shows Missed Revenue Projections, Overstated Users
Just 43 Percent of Renters Believe They’ll Ever Own a Home
Biden Admin Reduces Land, Increases Costs For Oil and Gas Production
California Proposes Legislation Mandating a Four-Day Workweek
Inflation Continues to Surge, Impacting Americans' Wallets