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“Culture War”

Missouri Issues Emergency Regulation on Gender Transition Procedures For Minors
Woman Living Under Socialism Warns America Not To Embrace Its 'Illusion'
Feminization of University Bureaucracies Driving Culture of 'Unsafety and Victimhood,' Says Heather Mac Donald
One-Third of Americans Want 'National Divorce'
Mother Regrets Letting Son Transition, Calls Trans Ideology A 'Cult'
China 'Laughing Hysterically' At U.S. Combat Readiness As Military Officials Focus On Culture Wars
Local Watchdog: Idaho School Districts Use Planned Parenthood-Endorsed Sex Ed Program In Violation Of The Law
North Carolina School District Urges Staff to Withhold Children's Gender Identity From Parents
Drag Show Protester Questioned by Police After 'Intentional Vandalism' Cuts Power to 40,000 North Carolina Residents
Disney Replaces CEO Bob Chapek with Former Leader Robert Iger
93% of High School Grads Say They were Taught Critical Race or Gender Theory in School
Virginia Democrat Introduces Bill to Prosecute Parents Who Refuse to Affirm Child's Gender Identity
OPINION: Communism and CRT — Why They Both Suck