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    Four States Will Share Gun Data in an Effort to Prevent Crimes
    Eighteen Former NBA Players Charged With Defrauding the League
    Ohio Supreme Court Rules Drugs in Systems Does Not Prove Drug Possession
    Black Woman Pretended to be KKK Member and Threatened Neighbors
    Former French President Sarkozy Sentenced to a Year in Prison
    Two 14-Year-Olds Stabbed Outside of High School in New York, Continuing Trend of Youth Stabbings in US
    Capital Gazette Gunman Ordered to Serve Five Life Sentences
    R. Kelly Found Guilty in Sex-Trafficking Trial in New York
    Child Porn Suspect Drove to North Carolina Police Department and Killed Himself
    Two Afghan Evacuees Charged with Domestic Violence, Sex with Minors at Fort McCoy
    BREAKING: Shooting at Virginia High School, Suspect 'Not in Custody'
    San Francisco to Pay High-Risk People Not to Shoot Others
    New Orleans Issues Curfew to Prevent Crime
    Robert F. Kennedy’s Assassin Gets Parole in California
    New York Ice Cream Store Owner Must Pay BLM Protesters $4,500 for Calling the Police
    Former Professor Set Fires Near California’s Ongoing Dixie Fire
    Alexei Navalny Faces New Charges
    Shane Cashman: The Corpse That Danced in Hell's Kitchen
    Apple to Scan U.S. Phones for Images of Child Sexual Abuse
    Court Upholds Former Dallas Police Officer's Conviction
    LIBERAL UTOPIA: San Fran Woman Seen Holding AK-47 from Passenger Window of Speeding Car
    Alleged Murderer of Yale Grad Student To Be Held on $20 Million Bond, Says Judge