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Staffer for Senator Rand Paul Brutally Stabbed in Washington, DC
Army Pulls Recruitment Ads After Narrating Actor is Arrested on Strangulation, Assault Charges
Biden Infuriates Progressives By Signing Resolution Overturning DC Crime Bill
Trump Indictment Meant To Distract From Biden's Troubles, Former U.S. AG Says
Barricades Erected Outside Of Manhattan Court Where Trump Is Expected To Be Indicted
CNN Reporter Gets Robbed While Working on Story About San Francisco's 'Rampant Street Crime'
International Court Issues Warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin's Arrest
Massachusetts Doctor Arrested for Child Porn, Secretly Filming Himself Examining Children
Eighteen Female Guards Removed From UK's Largest Prison For Having Sex With Inmates
Pregnant Woman Killed While Attempting Robbery With Boyfriend In Chicago
Proud Boy Jan. 6 Defendant Files Motion to Dismiss in Light of New Footage
Instagram Influencer Pleads Guilty to COVID-19 Relief Fraud Scheme — Used $1.5 Million For Private Jets, Luxury Apartment
Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs Vows to Halt Scheduled Execution of Convicted Murderer
Video Released From Baltimore Police Pursuit That Ended In Fatal Building-Collapsing Collision
Teens Barricade Themselves In Bedroom, Defying Judge's Order To Return To Father They Say Abused Them
Homeless Man Executed In Broad Daylight On St. Louis Sidewalk
Grandparent-targeting Con Men Sentenced, Ordered To Pay Restitution To Elderly Victims
American Murderers Have a 50 Percent Chance of Getting Away With It
University of Idaho to Demolish House Where Quadruple Murder Took Place
Fashion Designer Identifies Custom Clothing Worn By Accused Suitcase Thief and Former Federal Official Sam Brinton
Suspect Arrested for Fatally Shooting Catholic Bishop in Los Angeles
Charges Against Alec Baldwin for 'Rust' Shooting Downgraded