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    US Army Announces Soldiers Must Be Vaccinated By December 15 — Or Potentially Be Relieved of Duties
    Pfizer May Release Vaccine Data on Kids Under Age 5 This Fall
    Federal Court Blocks NYC’s Ban on Religious Exemptions for Health Care Worker Vaccine Mandate
    Los Angeles Police Sue Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
    Majority of US States Will Fight Biden’s Vaccine Mandate
    Nicki Minaj Refused to Get Vaccinated For the Met Gala
    Comedian Jim Breuer Cancels Shows at Theaters Demanding Proof of COVID Vaccination
    WATCH: Protest Against Vaccine Mandates at NY College Met with Counter-Protesters
    DeSantis Announces That Florida Cities, Counties That Mandate Vaccines Will Be Fined $5,000 Per Worker
    Thousands March in Paris against COVID Passes
    Kamala Harris Claims ‘We Can End This Pandemic’ by ‘Protecting the Vaccinated’
    WATCH: CNN’s Leana Wen Compares Unvaccinated Americans ‘Out in Public’ with Drunk Drivers
    Biden Mandate Vaccinations for 100 Million Americans Across Public and Private Sector
    Australian Government Limits Alcohol Consumption for Residents in COVID-Lockdown Apartments
    ACLU Warning In 2008: Suspension Of Liberty For Public Health Could Be Permanent
    Kimmel Says Unvaccinated Americans Taking Ivermectin Should Be Left to Die if They Get Sick (VIDEO)
    Judge Rules Ohio Hospital Cannot Be Forced To Administer Ivermectin
    Over 900 Pages of Coronavirus Research Info at Chinese Lab Released
    Rutgers University Bans Unvaccinated Student from Taking ‘Virtual’ Classes
    Over 20 Percent of Deployable Seattle Police May Be Fired if They Don't Get Vaccinated Soon
    Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Come to an End for 7 Million Americans
    CNN Claims 80% of Americans Over the Age of 16 Have Immunity from COVID-19