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    Los Angeles City Council Passes One of the Strictest Vaccine Mandates in the US
    Sweden Pauses Moderna Vaccine for Anyone Under The Age of 30
    Global N95 Mask Market to Reach $11.8 Billion by 2026
    Disney Set to Release Documentary on Anthony Fauci
    New York’s Largest Health Care System Fires 1400 Employees for Defying COVID Vaccine Mandate
    Foreign Visitors Barred From Australia Until 2022
    Democrats Vote Against Bill Requiring COVID Test For Illegal Immigrants Before Their Release
    Gavin Newsom Announces COVID Vaccine Mandate for All Eligible School Children in California
    Dating Website 'Match' Releases Vaccination Data on US Singles
    Anti-Vaccine Passport Protestor Blasted With Water Cannons In Slovenia
    COVID-19 Cases Decline Domestically and Abroad
    YouTube Bans All Anti-Vaccine Videos from Its Platform to Limit ‘Misinformation’
    Norway Lifts COVID-19 Restrictions, Moved to ‘Highest’ Travel Warning Level By CDC
    WATCH: CDC Director ‘Hopes We Will One Day Be Able to Get Rid of Those Masks’
    Louisiana Extends Mask Mandate For An Additional Month
    INTERVIEW: Pregnant CA Nurse Would Rather Quit than Take COVID Vaccine: 'There's Something Wrong with This Picture'
    Massachusetts Police Officers Resign Over COVID-19 Mandate
    North Carolina Hospital Network Fires 175+ Workers for Defying COVID Vaccine Mandate
    Panel Of Scientists Investigating COVID-19 Origins Is Disbanded
    WATCH: Biden Claims Up to 98% of Americans Must Get Vaccinated Before ‘Return to Normal’
    WATCH: CNN’s Leana Wen Claims Vaccinated People Pose a Major Threat to Unvaccinated Children
    Penn State University Suspends 117 Students for Missing Mandatory COVID Tests