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Nancy Pelosi Announces She Will Seek Reelection
Ivanka Trump Asked To Voluntarily Cooperate With House Jan. 6
Clay Aiken Announces Second Congressional Bid in North Carolina, Citing Concern About ‘White Nationalists’ 
President Biden to Deliver State of The Union on March 1
Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene Call For More Info From Jan. 6 Committee at Anniversary Event
WATCH: Pelosi Says January 6 Was Like 'Somebody in the White House Dropped a Bomb on the Congress'
Congress Holds Moment of Silence In Honor Of Jan. 6 Anniversary
Pause on Student Loans Extended to May 1
Airline CEO's Raise Questions About The Need of Masks on Planes
Nancy Pelosi Expected to Seek Re-Election Again at Age 82
Psaki Confirms Student Loan Payments Restart February 1
Congress Votes to Approve $2.5T Debt Ceiling Hike
House Votes to Hold Meadows in Contempt Over Jan 6 Hearings
January 6 House Committee Passes Resolution to Hold Mark Meadows in Contempt
Senate Enables Debt Ceiling Increase Without Filibuster
Mark Meadows is Suing Pelosi and the Jan 6 Committee
January 6 Committee Advancing Criminal Contempt Charge Against Mark Meadows
Rep. Devin Nunes Announces He is Resigning Before the End of His Term to Join Trump Media Firm
19 Democrats Abandoning House Seats, Nearly Four Times What GOP Needs To Win Majority
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Sponsors Bill to Award Congressional Gold Medal to Kyle Rittenhouse
House Republicans Introduce Legislation That Would Federally Decriminalize Marijuana
Steve Bannon Indicted For Contempt of Congress By Federal Grand Jury