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Americans' Confidence in Key Institutions Reaches Record Low
Pro-Abortion Group Announces Protest at Home of Justice Clarence Thomas
Biden Will Ask Congress to Suspend Gas Tax for Three Months
Virginia Congressman Proposes 1000% Tax on Manufacturers, Importers, and Producers of Assault Weapons
House Passes Bill to Protect Family Members of SCOTUS Justices — 27 Democrats Voted Against It
Lauren Boebert Pushes to Have Fentanyl Classified as Weapon of Mass Destruction
Sarah Palin Advancing to General Election After Alaska House Primary
Republicans Have Nine Point Lead to Retake Congress in 2022 Midterm Poll
Governor Kristi Noem and Senator John Thune Win Primaries in South Dakota
Steve Bannon Subpoenas House Jan.6 Committee Members and Nancy Pelosi
Domestic Terrorism Bill Proposed by House Democrats Blocked in the Senate
Lawmakers Should Not Carry Guns in Capitol Complex Says House Sergeant-at-Arms
Members of the Congressional Black Caucus Request Meeting with Biden Over Student Debt
House Passes Domestic Terrorism Bill Focused on 'White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis'
Biden Admin Suspends Disinformation Governance Board
Oregon House Primary Results Delayed Following Ballot Counting Issue
Bill de Blasio 'Committed' to Running for Congress, According to Report
Congress Holds Public Hearing on UFOs
Inspector General Confirms Improper Surveillance of Rep. Troy Nehls
FBI Investigating Multiple Parents Who Protested Education Policies, Contradicting AG Garland’s Testimony
House Votes to Allow Aides to Unionize
House Set To Hold First UFO Hearing In 50 Years