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  • End of Censorship
    Twitter Disables Retweeting Kyle Rittenhouse's Mother Complaining About Her Son's Supporters Being Censored
    How Did America’s Leaders Move Away From Free Speech?
    Russia May Block YouTube After Two German Channels Were Deleted in Alleged Misinformation Purge
    FIRE Releases 'Concerning' 2021 College Free Speech Rankings
    ACLU Edits Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quote to Erase the Word 'Women' and All Female Pronouns
    Serbian President Says He Can't Wait for Twitter to Ban Him and Create 'Another Trump in the World'
    Taliban Gets Questioned About Free Speech, Says to Ask US Companies Like Facebook About Censorship
    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Suspended From Twitter for One Week Over 'COVID Misinformation'
    Fox News Edits Interview With Trump to Remove Stolen Election Claims
    Judge Dismisses Candace Owens Lawsuit Against Two Facebook Fact-Checkers
    YouTube Freezes CPAC's Account, Deletes Video of Trump Speech Discussing Tech Censorship
    Twitter Hides Scarred Army Veteran’s Face
    YouTube Bans 'Internet Hall Monitor' Right Wing Watch
    Canadian Liberal Government Proposes 'Hate Speech' Penalties of $50,000 Fine, One Year Imprisonment
    Spotify Appears to Have Banned a Song From Popular Christian Conservative Rappers Bryson Gray and Patriot J