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'It's Dangerous': AOC Criticizes CNN For Trump Town Hall
WATCH: Libs of TikTok Creator Confronts AOC After Filing Ethics Complaint Against Her
AOC Argues it's 'Fascism' for Parents to Be Informed About What the Government is Teaching Their Kids (VIDEO)
Benign 'Fascism': AOC Mocks Christian Super Bowl Commercial
US Safety Commission Chair Says Agency Is Not Seeking Ban On Gas Stoves
House Ethics Committee Investigates AOC
Congresswoman-Elect Anna Paulina Luna Says She is ‘Polar Opposite’ of AOC, Squad Members
AOC Claims Her Life Is 'In Danger' Since Elected To Congress
AOC Claims Twitter Notifications Not Working Following Feud With Musk
BREAKING: Multiple Members of Congress, Including AOC, Arrested Over Pro-Abortion Demonstration Outside SCOTUS (VIDEOS)
Supreme Court Limits EPA's Ability to Regulate Carbon Emissions
White House Press Secretary Says Providing Abortion on Federal Lands Could Have 'Dangerous Ramifications'
AOC: 'We Should Pursue Antitrust Activity on Facebook'
Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Discusses the 'Negativity' on Twitter Following COVID-19 Social Media Break
‘Defund the Police’ Advocates AOC, Omar and Bush Spent Over $100K on Private Security
Ethics Complaint Filed Against AOC For Accepting Free Met Gala Ticket
AOC Wears ‘Tax The Rich’ Dress to The Met Gala
Defund Prisons Next? AOC Calls for ‘Abolishment’ of ‘Carceral System’ in America
AOC Claims She's Not Using Capitalism, Then Describes Capitalism
RACIST BABIES? AOC Calls-Out ‘Guiltless’ Infants Who ‘Gravitate Towards Their Own Race’
AO-CHE: Dem Socialist Too Lazy to Google ‘Capitalism’, Claims ‘Tax the Rich’ Sweatshirts Fund ‘Free Tutoring’
AOC Continues Confused Comments On Cuba Crisis