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YouTube Will Now Require Users to Disclose if Content Was Created Using AI
AI-Generated Nudes With Real Students' Faces Cause Chaos At New Jersey School
Biden Issues Executive Order Creating New AI Safety, Security Standards
Austin Church Uses ChatGPT to Hold Service Written Entirely By Artificial Intelligence
Generative AI Poses National Security Threat, Researchers Warn
Warner Music Signs First AI Pop Star
AI Can Determine Someone’s Political Ideology With 61% Accuracy — Spoiler, Republicans Are Hotter and Look Happier
DeSantis Campaign Uses AI-Generated Deepfake Images of Trump Embracing Fauci in New Ad
Lawyer Uses ChatGPT For Legal Filing, Unknowingly Cites Fake Legal Precedents Provided By App
Schools in Four West Virginia Counties Will Install Facial Recognition Software
AI Could Fuel Persecution of Christians, Group Warns
1,100+ Tech Leaders Sign Open Letter To 'Immediately Pause' AI Systems
New York Students Make Deep Fake Video of Principal Making Racist Threats
US Copyright Office Rules Against Protection of AI-Generated Works
Nearly 80 Percent of Americans Think News Articles Being Written By AI Will Be a Bad Thing
Artists Sue AI Generators For Copying Their Styles Without Permission
Capitol Records Cancels AI Rapper Project, Apologizes to the Black Community for 'Insensitivity'
Meta's AI Chatbot Says 2020 Election Was 'Stolen' and Keeps Talking Trash About Facebook and Zuckerberg
China Develops an AI Prosecutor That Can Identify Crimes and Press Charges