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Americans Who Want to Evacuate Afghanistan Being Charged Thousands By State Dept., According to Report
WATCH: Biden Confirms 15,000 American Citizens Are Trying to Flee Afghanistan
U.S. Forces Evacuated 1,100 American citizens from Afghanistan on Tuesday
Biden's Approval Rating Falls Below 50 Percent For the First Time
'F*** That': Biden In 2010 When Asked About Consequences for Afghan People After US Withdrawal
Biden Admin Won't Confirm if U.S. Troops Will Stay In Afghanistan Till Evacuations Are Complete
MISSING IN ACTION: NSA Says Biden Hasn’t Spoken with Any World Leaders Since Fall of Kabul
US Govt Says They Cannot Guarantee Safety of Americans Evacuating From Afghanistan
Taliban Gets Questioned About Free Speech, Says to Ask US Companies Like Facebook About Censorship
Biden Addresses Evacuation Crisis In Afghanistan
Biden Orders 1,000 More Troops To Afghanistan, Total Number Now 7,000
Rashida Tlaib Claims Taliban, Formed in 1994, Was Backed by U.S. in the 1980s — But She's Not Completely Wrong
Trump Issues Statement Asking Who Biden Will Surrender to Next
Biden Will Only Take Questions From 'Pre-Approved Media' During Address on Afghanistan
Biden to Cut Vacation Short and Address America About Chaos in Kabul
Pulitzer Prize Winning Reuters Photojournalist Killed By Taliban