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Veteran Suicide Hotline Surged During Afghanistan Withdrawal
Biden Urged Afghan President to ‘Change Perception’ of Taliban’s Imminent Victory, Reuters Reports
American Humane Condemns Biden Administration for Leaving Caged Service Dogs Behind in Afghanistan
Over $700,000 Raised for Wife and Unborn Baby of Marine Killed in Kabul
Mother of Marine Killed In Kabul Attack Had Instagram Account Deleted By Facebook
Pentagon Downplays Americans Being Stranded in Afghanistan, Says Our Citizens ‘Get Stranded in Countries All The Time’
Nine Members of One Family, Including Six Children, Killed in US Drone Strike Near Kabul Airport
Biden Claims Responsibility For 'All That’s Happened' During Exchange with Fox News Reporter
Tucker Carlson Questions if Biden Admin Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal on Purpose
UPDATE: At Least 10 U.S. Service Members Killed in Kabul Terror Blasts
TERROR KABUL: At Least 2 Explosions Occur Near Afghanistan’s Main Airport, Casualties Unknown
Biden Sticking To Aug 31 Deadline As Taliban Blocks Airport Access
TALIBAN GOES GREEN? Islamic Group Vows to Fight Climate Change from Afghanistan
Trump Releases New Attack Ad Dubbing Biden ‘Surrenderer-in-Chief’
Ukraine Denies Plane Was Hijacked In Afghanistan
McCarthy Says it's Impossible for Every American to Be Evacuated From Afghanistan By Deadline
Airbnb to House 20,000 Refugees
Press Sec Says It’s ‘Irresponsible to Say that Americans Are Stranded’ in Afghanistan
Afghan Woman Gives Birth on U.S. Evacuation Flight
Kamala Harris Laughs When Asked About Americans Stuck in Afghanistan (VIDEO)
Biden Admin Charging Americans Over $2000 For Evacuation From Afghanistan
Biden Fosters Confusion During 30-Minute Press Briefing