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    Marine Charged For Criticizing Afghanistan Withdrawal Pleads Guilty
    Biden Admin To Exempt Afghans Who Worked For Previous Taliban Gov From Terrorism Bans
    Taliban Invasion of Kabul Preceded by Empty Threat of US Airstrikes: Report
    Over 100 Americans Evacuated From Afghanistan on Private Charter Flight
    Two Afghan Evacuees Charged with Domestic Violence, Sex with Minors at Fort McCoy
    Terrorist Who Killed 13 US Servicemembers In Kabul Was Freed After Biden Withdrawal
    EXCLUSIVE: $64 Million in US Aid to Taliban is 'Ransom Payment for Hostages'
    BREAKING: White House Confirms Kabul Drone Strike a Tragic ‘Mistake’ That Killed 3 Adults, 7 Children
    U.S. Reliance On China For Lithium Could Increase After Afghanistan Withdrawal
    US to Send $64 Million in ‘Humanitarian Aid’ to Afghanistan
    Taliban Allows 200 Americans to Leave on a Flight from Kabul
    Measles Identified at Wisconsin Army Base Housing Thousands of Afghan Refugees
    Taliban Unveils Afghanistan’s New Government, White House Quiet on Recognition
    Biden Admin Directed Agencies To Remove Reports On Military Gear In Afghanistan
    Veteran Suicide Hotline Surged During Afghanistan Withdrawal
    Biden Urged Afghan President to ‘Change Perception’ of Taliban’s Imminent Victory, Reuters Reports
    American Humane Condemns Biden Administration for Leaving Caged Service Dogs Behind in Afghanistan
    Over $700,000 Raised for Wife and Unborn Baby of Marine Killed in Kabul
    Mother of Marine Killed In Kabul Attack Had Instagram Account Deleted By Facebook
    Pentagon Downplays Americans Being Stranded in Afghanistan, Says Our Citizens ‘Get Stranded in Countries All The Time’
    Nine Members of One Family, Including Six Children, Killed in US Drone Strike Near Kabul Airport
    Biden Claims Responsibility For 'All That’s Happened' During Exchange with Fox News Reporter