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Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Introduces Bill to Designate Afghanistan a State Sponsor of Terrorism
Military Contractor Freed From Taliban In Prisoner Exchange
White House Says House Republican Report on Withdrawal from Afghanistan Relies on ‘Cherry-Picked Information,’ ‘False Claims’
Over 1,000 Dead Following Earthquake In Taliban-Led Afghanistan
New Video of American Man Kidnapped by Taliban Released Online
The Biden Administration Faulted For Afghan Withdrawal Chaos In Pentagon Report
President Biden’s Approval Rating Falls Below 40%, According to New Poll
Grammy-nominated Singer, John Ondrasik, Censored by YouTube
President Joe Biden Claims He Never Supported a War in Afghanistan
Top Pentagon Official: Almost 450 Americans Still Stranded In Afghanistan
Top Pentagon Official: ISIS-K Could Be Able To Attack US Within A Year
Marine Charged For Criticizing Afghanistan Withdrawal Pleads Guilty
Biden Admin To Exempt Afghans Who Worked For Previous Taliban Gov From Terrorism Bans
Taliban Invasion of Kabul Preceded by Empty Threat of US Airstrikes: Report
Over 100 Americans Evacuated From Afghanistan on Private Charter Flight
Two Afghan Evacuees Charged with Domestic Violence, Sex with Minors at Fort McCoy
Terrorist Who Killed 13 US Servicemembers In Kabul Was Freed After Biden Withdrawal
EXCLUSIVE: $64 Million in US Aid to Taliban is 'Ransom Payment for Hostages'
BREAKING: White House Confirms Kabul Drone Strike a Tragic ‘Mistake’ That Killed 3 Adults, 7 Children
U.S. Reliance On China For Lithium Could Increase After Afghanistan Withdrawal
US to Send $64 Million in ‘Humanitarian Aid’ to Afghanistan
Taliban Allows 200 Americans to Leave on a Flight from Kabul