Tim Shows How Venezuela HACKED His Friends Facebook To Spy On Him

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  1. SahRah says:

    Tim got me all hyped for Bitcoin

  2. HisShadowX says:

    How do I cancel?

  3. Michael_Ashcroft says:

    Tim, Tim. You don’t understand. The Chinese governments use of the fist is just to show their support for BLM. Just like Stalin’s Russia supported BLM. And Pol Pot supported BLM.

  4. Trek29er says:

    So not all Jnco’s were massive. I had some that were just baggy jeans. Surfing behind a wakeboard boat is extremely fun with low impact, so it’s easy on the joints.

  5. justinsebert says:

    I made this same argument about BLM’s fist to my friends. They thought I was insane. Schools don’t care to teach people about the Soviet Union or China. I think it’s sad.

  6. StMyles says:


  7. denomic says:

    nYc Asians in the 90s used to wear JNCOs for the culture.

  8. cosmicjered says:

    if we eat the eggs
    of chickens and we are in
    a farm too then what?

  9. Mud911 says:

    Talking about those thick skate shoes I know you’re talking about them Osiris D3 shoes. Big as shit and I had them in size 12.5 😆

  10. HOTROBTAKES says:

    For everyone that’s hating on Tim being “cocky” about skate boarding i get it…at the same time i think he’s just being honest and possibly not even gloating. i do similar at times but i’m literally not cocking off i’m just telling the story as straight forward as possible…the reason i don’t think either of us are doing it for props is i’ll just as frequently tell stories where i was terrible at something as i’ve heard Tim do at times (shooting range, or being proven wrong by someone…gun laws for one).

    i know for me i just hate wasting time and i want things to be as accurate to the truth as is possible when telling a story, sometimes you just have to call it what it is regardless of the person involved and i’m sure Tim would be the first person to help a kid learning and he’s never called people out by name so it’s not like he’s putting anyone on blast.

    I think he was just explaining his goals and what he wanted to work on…he’s skate boarded his whole life….once you get to a point you max yourself out and don’t have challengers it can get boring….i’ve also been in that mindset..not even happy about it and also had times where God sent someone to smoke me and the hammer of humble came crashing down lol….so i do get it..fine line between confidence and arrogance.
    really good show fellas

    PS i did like the crypto convo …i normally would agree that there’s too much crypto talk but usually it’s only vague…was nice to actually hear someone that knew the tech side of them.

  11. Iamthepyro says:

    Hell yes for the bleach reference. I have his bankai on my shelf.

  12. I skated in “pipe jeans” (JNCO was for posers – Grind pants were much better, and you should know this because Grind was HUGE in Chicago). I was sponsored and “pro” but I lost my VANS sponsorship because Gayle Webb (team manager at the time) caught me smoking weed in the parking lot behind the VANS skatepark. Kick me and a friend off the team, and my friend was their top roller blader on the team….

  13. ZzirAng3l says:

    Tim Whats your Opinion of Ny’Jah Huston?

  14. Dn1984 says:

    Tim where is the last Jim Hansen full IRL episode?

  15. Wesley says:

    At first I was annoyed when the other mines dude would try to talk over someone in the background but then I just realized he’s only talking over Ian because he knows Ian well and knows it’s probably a stupid comment anyway LOL. I feel like mines dude didn’t get enough airtime, making him in-turn seem a little more desperate to talk at times.

  16. Bulwark732 says:

    Now I’m going down the rabbit hole looking up sports milestones… Thx guys

  17. Klimo says:

    Great video, but honestly hearing Tim say every skatepark I’ve been to lately I’m the best skateboarding is a little nauseating.

  18. Zack Jordan says:

    A family friend is half Korean, went to his grandmothers grave, she was a Buddhist and had a swasitka on the head stone. He yelled “My grandma was a Nazi!?”

  19. yourmomisabadwolf says:

    Please have Lious Rossman on!

  20. Agstar says:

    A Note, the Rapture is not in the Bible…

    • James_Dorpinghaus says:

      You are correct, I’ve read the Bible looking for mention of the rapture but it isn’t there. It does mention Yeshua (Jesus) returning but no mention of rapture. It says God will create a kingdom on earth and goes into great detail about it’s size.

    • WalkTheTalkWithYHVH says:

      The word Rapture isn’t in the English translation, it is in the Latin translation, rapturo I do believe, it is the Latin translation of the Greek word Harpazo, which means to be caught up or snatched away by force. You should check out
      1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 “But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus. For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep. For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words.”

    • Emilander411 says:

      If you’re interested in the rapture look into rapture ready

  21. Green_-Bean7 says:

    I longboard around all the time. its all about finding fun hills and carving corners. I spend a lot of time just cruising around town listening to music. I love Snowboarding for the same reason, I could cruise ALL DAY LONG. nothing makes me happier

  22. Dabbin_Daxit says:

    Guys Jenko Jeans were the pant apparel for ravers from the 90’s. Just FYI

  23. CantSilenceThisAmericanGirl says:

    I was in Russia 2011, December after 9-11. Even 10 years after the fall of Soviet Union my translator (Kemerovo) said it’s still scary. But instead of the govt it’s mafia. She said those who were rich aren’t now and those who weren’t, are now in charge. We went into a grocery store and yes, limited selections, but more scary there were armed guards at the doors and cash registers. I bought groceries and gave them the equivalent of a $20 bill and the cashier had to have an armed guard watch her make change and put the bill in the locked box in her register. Vodka drinks in dispensers along the sidewalk. I asked the driver to stop the van so I could get a photo of the city sign and we were pulled over. There was a cop car on the side road. The driver said be quiet and let me talk, he got out and spoke to them. Cops thought we were taking a photo of THEM and the only reason we were let go was because our driver told them “Crazy American wants a photo of the sign” And even after our driver got back in the car he said “shut up, don’t move, just sit until I tell you” and once they went back to their car we were allowed to talk. Translator said that 10 years after collapse doesn’t matter, they are all still under SOME type of control. Sad.

  24. Traditionalist says:

    It sucks because the Roman’s had so many cool things such as the solute and the eagles that the NAZI’s took and now you can’t use them.

  25. athleticgrandma says:

    Ian, the bible talks about how a day is like 1000 years for God

    • Bree says:

      IIRC the bible says something like ‘a day for (with) the Lord is a thousand years and a thousand years is a day’ depending on which bible you are reading.
      Basically meaning time is fluid and immeasurable, and more importantly it’s meaningless.
      That’s my favourite response to folk who scoff at the world and heavens being made in 7 days as if they are somehow debunking the whole ‘God thing’ by pointing that out.
      So I just say that one line and smile.
      Let them mull that over.

  26. Bruce says:

    The rapture is the people who got the vaccine!

  27. JaHenning_93 says:

    JESUS TIM! It’s not the HILT of Bankai Zangetsu that’s shaped like a swastika, it’s the CROSSGUARD. Get your sword terminology right you f*&king pleb. The hilt of a sword consists of the handle, grip, pommel AND guard. So the swastika crossguard is only one component of the hilt.

    Also just discovered that on the Bleach fan wiki that the Chinese translation for “Bankai” is “卍解” Coincidence? I think not.

  28. Nichole says:

    How about we start using a hand sign that still means the same thing over time to stand up for our freedoms. This sign is the peace sign! You would not believe what a smile does to people. I refuse to ware a mask and I smile at everyone. It is liberating seeing others while I’m in the store taking there mask off because they see me without mine or you can tell their mood has changed because they seen a smile. I have even been asked if anyone has said anything to me about it I say no. Then they take their mask off and I tell them I like my rights and try to protect them. I also open cary and never have had any issues except at Costco they asked me not to bring my gun in the store although it is not posted. I will continue to wear it if they want my business. Thank you for fixing my issue of logging in so I can access member content.

  29. Jdbfortney says:

    You can hang out with Labron… Liz “disgusted noise” ROFLMAO
    LOVE IT ❤❤❤

  30. Bailey Ray says:

    The message you received from him could just be a spoof that is a completely different account that is using his page as a cover. Like putting a coke can shell over a beer.

  31. Digizero says:

    Great video fuckers!

  32. RyanMac says:

    Referring to Bill’s comments about Crypto mining pushing innovation I am actively working on convincing companies involved in Small Modular Reactor R&D to collaborate with crypto miners.

  33. Element says:

    The ant analogy that Tim made about aliens is used in the novel Roadside Picnic. The aliens stopped off for a picnic and left all their trash behind. To us ants their trash is advanced technology that we can’t even begin to understand. The aliens didn’t even consider us worth noticing in the same way we don’t pay attention to ants.

  34. Rockermom96 says:

    Can’t wait to see Ian in jnco’s, it will suit him.✌🏻

  35. Bungeegum says:

    Tim! Your comment regarding the swastika in Bleach, can also be found in Yu Yu Hakusho. I find it just as weird as you do lol.

    Great job as always man!

  36. knoaf says:

    Man, those kids at the skate park have to learn somewhere. Saying you’ll destroy them doesn’t really encourage them.

    Cmon mate.

  37. Dack says:

    Tim is what 90% of skateboarding hates. Jocks no wonder no one I know in Chicago’s skate scene ever heard of him from skating they only know of tim threw his journalism ps tim, RQ isn’t Chicago it’s the Burbs uprise is the only skate shop in the city

    • Dack says:

      Double yikes tim. For someone who’s been skating as long as you claim to have been you really don’t know shit about the skate scene what pros are pompous dicks? You must only be talking about the corporate jock skaters like yourself ones like nyjah and marrisa cause I could name countless pros who are super chill and would pull up to skate anytime funny how those emails don’t get answered or the super chats calling you out about it won’t get read lmaoo

  38. Danielos889 says:

    You should check out the movie “All This Mayhem”. Apparently the Aussie Tas Pappas was a shoe-in for the 900, I think he actually did it in training at the same time if not before Tony Hawk, so the 900 at the 03 X Games was probably not the first, although I don’t think anyone captured it on film. Some bigwig decided that Hawk was better suited to be the face of skateboarding for the next decade than a coke addled waster, so everyone now knows that Hawk was the first to do 2 and a half. Had Pappas not been so hardcore we might have grown up with “Tas Pappas Pro Skater”. It’s a really sad story all in all, well worth the watch.

  39. KeeganJMooney says:

    read a manga recently with a character that had a swastika on his forehead as a gag about biker gangs. Buddhist swastikas are tilted as a square while the german is a diamond, even ichigo’s sword hilt was squared with the blade.

  40. Bikerbob59 says:

    Tim on the Mars idea of sending supplies. We have figured out that its not practical to send supplies that we can produce there. Ie water fuel and building supplies. As far as habitats Elon has discussed simply making one way trips with star ships and using them as shelter and building supplies.

  41. RexTheSauceLord says:

    Hey there warp tech is heresy and it will only anger the god emporer

  42. Lastandtheleast says:

    I grew up skating, Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Mike V. But as I aged… Bikes… Man I love bicycles, I fall 10000% less and once you go deep into building your own bike like an AR15 the possibilities are endless.

  43. tlhalvo11@gmail.com says:

    Jncos lol. Thanks for the memories

  44. RxRomeo says:

    A part of me is wondering what percentage of the robocalls that say absolutely nothing (no sound) are just our government tracking us for specific reasons.. it’s not like the phone companies would be opposed.🤔

  45. StephentotheV says:

    you can thank Jackass for the change in skate board culture

  46. M.e.leechee says:

    Tim they do train like crazy look at Nyjah but you are right for the most part. Check out Ellis Frost, he’s got crazy flat game like you very crazy combo flip and late flips. Pretty impressive shit.

  47. GunsTheMonkey says:

    He talked about bleach….no wonder your brain has earned my money. Awake has always been greater than woke, and Tim has been for life.

  48. Goldenhand12 says:

    They payed Facebook to send that message to you!! They are working together XD

  49. liarchair1@gmail.com says:

    jesus christ tim, the swatika in asian culture/ buddhism/ hinduism is not tilted like nazi’s one. thats the different.

    • Element says:

      The swastika is an ancient religious symbol used by all indo-european people from England to India, It isn’t a symbol that originated in India. The only reason it is only still used there but not in Europe is because they still follow their own religion.

  50. kdiddy97 says:

    Hey Tim, I sent a superchat earlier but idk if you saw it. There’s a good chance your Sig M400 is not legal in MD so you’re gonna wanna check the laws and specs of the rifle. I know MD has some really really dumb laws concerning ARs

  51. FirstThessalonian says:

    If there is an alien disclosure, they are demons. The BIble warns of dewceiving spirits in the end times, performing signs and wonders.

    [Rev 16:13-14 NASB20] 13 And I saw [coming] out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs; 14 for they are spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out to the kings of the entire world, to gather them together for the war of the great day of God, the Almighty.

    Do not be deceived.

  52. NickHoff says:

    If you are having problems logging in or staying logged in, go to reply to a video. Then re-login. Should be good

  53. metatron206 says:

    I can tell Bill gets annoyed with Tim cause Tim keeps interupting

  54. ShiningLightOnShadows says:

    That was my theory also that the Democrats couldn’t get what they ultimately wanted through their racist tactics. As a result they changed tactics to pretending they were helping and that they cared. Just like they claim that there was a southern switch when the Democrats became the Republicans and vice versa. It’s the whole if you can’t beat them join them kind of deal.

  55. seanstgeorge@gmail.com says:

    Love the Anime/Manga references from Tim. Especially ones I know.

  56. Francia says:

    It’s like how Joe Rogan says sometimes “There’s 30 million people in L.A. plus mexicans”
    I know what he means but it sounds wrong

  57. Austoned says:

    TIM! Skim boarding is fun as well I just got into it now that it’s summer it’s like skating and surfing combined

  58. menard.stephen@ymail.com says:

    All you whiny babies clear your cookies and you can login fine

  59. cbakken99@gmail.com says:

    Dang, that’s a crazy story.

  60. sweet_setite says:

    It’s also a Navajo symbol not just from India. However, there are families with blankets and rugs that are a hundred years old that they keep hidden in chests because they know what that symbol means now even though it was co-opted.

  61. ninjagrips says:

    This has been the most boring week of Timcast in a long time. I’m done hearing about Doge and other Crypto, and the guests this week have been terribly boring. Please find more interesting things to discuss! Also, access to this site has been spotty at best. Starting to wonder what I’m paying for.

  62. TheComedian says:

    He didnt get hacked, FB most likely let the government of Venezuela and gave them access

  63. Toad says:

    Venezuela intelligence?? lol

  64. CplChaskoIV says:

    🐶🚀🌛 Dogecoin to the Moon
    Great Show