Tim And Jack Posobiec Talk The Trump “Secret Wars” Conspiracy Theory And Its CRAZY

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  1. saltycitizen says:

    Woman who does my hair is all into this. I call it Hot Takes with Lori. It’s super fun. Like reading The National Inquirer. And some wish fulfilment. I miss him so much. Don’t forget about the secret GITMO executions.

  2. AJOborny says:

    You can see star link satellites here in Nebraska just about every night that is clear. Freaked me outbthe first time i saw it. Posted a short clip to my youtube channel of them. @andrew oborny on youtube

  3. Magster73 says:

    For anybody that wants to know. The reason the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier guards don’t have rank on is so they don’t OUTRANK the unknown soldiers buried there. It’s done out of respect not because of BIden.

  4. CavScout says:

    Oof, Tim’s fictional short stories are dark…

  5. DonnieDanko says:


  6. Angeljhoffman@gmail.com says:

    Great show

  7. Wong says:

    Ta-Henisi Coates is jealous and hard in the face of these creatives juices.

  8. Typhonsbane says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing, holy shit.

  9. BlackYoda says:


  10. RubiconSlav says:

    Dicks out for Harambe!

  11. NicoC says:

    Tim’s movie idea with the aliens and human cattle is basically the premise of The Promised Neverland lol

    • Chukui says:

      huh i thought it was more along the lines of the King Rat music video by modest mouse. great music video that was storyboarded by the late Heath ledger.

  12. Vashts1985 says:

    Harambe was at the cincinnati zoo, not cleavland.

  13. Vashts1985 says:

    when Xi entered the genesis device with a cold he came out as Cronenberg winnie the pooh like Ian Malcom in the fly.

  14. jgonz8 says:

    Hey, why is the panel trying to distract from the “real” secret war, that is our space battle cruiser Solar Warden, leading the charge against…uh…the grays…the nordics…the lizard aliens…

    Aren’t they fighting somewhere out towards Saturn or some such thing?

  15. Macatac007 says:

    Genesis project, & jin ping is the cause for Covid-19,
    Wow Tim, great imagination

  16. Macatac007 says:

    Like Trump colluded with Russians in 2016. Trump is a kgb agent since 1983, Trump had prostitutes in Russia pee-peed on him, Trump didn’t call out Russia for putting bounties on usa soldiers, because it wasn’t true, it was considered credible but it’s not credible now since he’s out of office. Trump had a rally in dc & told everyone there, it was a time for a insurrection, everything above is Fiction…

  17. Macatac007 says:

    Someone should write Trump Fan Fiction, Have you been sleeping Tim? The democramedia have been writing Trump fanfiction for 5 and 1/2, 6 years now no, Tim!

  18. TheDrFrost says:

    The whole soldiers not wearing rank is due to the fact that they never knew their ranks so no one wears rank as not to out rank the unknown soldier

  19. Glothr says:

    I love how Tim always asks the room “have you guys ever heard of…” then brings something up he’s brought up a hundred times before lol.

  20. AUDREK says:

    That was an amazing movie plot. I’m dead by laughter. Thanks guys.

  21. knurd says:

    2021 has proven that conspiracy wishes can come true. Trump will be back soon.

  22. Hitman8541 says:

    They didn’t want Biden to trip. It’s that simple. I would have made for bad press. I’m sick of all the schizophrenic theories that do no one any good. I remember all the “underground” explosions that were supposedly happening during the secret war where all the “white hats” were in control. The reality is we are all in deep shit because the infant activists are in control because low information voters are being exploited by the authoritarian left to keep them in power.

    • Skwiddog says:

      Absolutely. This guy can’t even walk up the stairs, or form a sentence. The most probable reason is as you stated. The fuckin guy would fall.

  23. SunnyShowers says:

    I love Jack! It was an ep with Jack that finally got me to become a youtube subscriber. I remember I watched a convo with Jack and there was this big tangent about Star Trek and I was like, oh my god I effing love these guys. And then I looked Jack up on google and learned that he was a white supremacist and just this awful person and I was like…What? LOL! Are you talking about MY Jack Posobiec I just fell in love with talking about Star Trek? Are you stupid?? BOO TO THAT! Which is what eventually made me become a Timcast member to show my support for new media and say FUCK YOU to old media. Including Wikipedia. Fuck you wikipedia. Jack’s the best. And you’re the worst.

    • benmac1089 says:

      People’s first impressions really do matter. That’s why media tries to make bad impressions of people you’ve not heard of before. It’s great that you happened to see the coolness of someone before a media smear. Right on!

  24. Lando_Wing says:

    The only way the Secret War ends is Trump uses the Genesis device to bring Harambe back to life

  25. Odin_Supreme says:

    I know who Q is. It’s obvious. Tom Clancy started taking adderall to be a more productive author. He became addicted to it and so his doctor stopped prescribing it to him. Since he couldn’t get it anymore, he turned to adderall’s dirty cousin, meth. Every time he goes on a bender and gets paranoid from being up for too long, there’s a Q dump. 😂 Fuckin Clancy.

  26. jal2001@hotmail.com says:

    Now I’m curious. What happened to the kid that fell into Harambe’s cage?

  27. craigoryb says:

    Tim confuses me. He’s clearly very smart (along with everyone on the show). But, he’s so dismissive of the possibility that something is very clearly going on behind the scenes. Whether or not you believe it is “Trump secret wars” or some other conspiracy theory. It’s hard to not notice how strange everything has been with the Biden term thus far. Beyond that, if you watch social media from Dan Scavino and others that were (and still are) loyal to Trump, they frequently make obvious references to Q posts. So weird to me to see people that seem to be in touch with political corruption, deep state, and the establishment who are also so black & white dismissive of the possibility that something deeper is in the works within US politics right now. I love this show but every time the topic of Trump or Q comes up, Tim seems to be so intent on convincing the viewers that it is outside the realm of possibility. What’s the motivation to take that stance on this topic, while being so open minded when it comes to most other topics that are borderline conspiracy theory. (Aliens etc.)

    • sethb2 says:

      Jack too. this is the same guy who tried to find a dungeon in Comit Ping Pong

    • Magster73 says:

      I agree. Something weird is going on.

    • benmac1089 says:

      Tim has briefly mentioned the possibility of stuff going on behind the scenes but doesn’t go into it much because the information to go on is either not there or not credible. It is very possible that there is something going on that may come out later, years later even. It would be just speculation in the present to pontificate on.

  28. Social_Twerker says:

    Awesome conspiracy! first i’ve heard of it. I’m in!

  29. PeterOrchard says:

    Amazing, lol! You guys are awesome.

  30. Jonny84 says:

    This is so that they don’t outrank the “unknown soldier”. C’mon

  31. Jonny84 says:

    Guys, members of the Army that participate in service for the tomb of the unknown soldier DO NOT wear any rank while on duty.

  32. Jonny84 says:

    Guys, members of the Army that participate in service for the tomb of the unknown soldier DO NOT wear any rank while on duty. This is so that they don’t outrank the “unknown soldier”. C’mon

    • tonythomas2483@gmail.com says:

      Absolutely correct about the tomb guards not wearing rank on their uniforms, it’s so that they don’t outrank the “Unknown Soldier” that is laid to rest within the tomb.

  33. Jasonvano says:

    Lol jack is always entertaining.

  34. NickM says:

    I love everything about this story.

  35. Skookum says:

    You guys should have included JFKJr in the story. They love thinking he’s alive and working behind the scenes with Trump.

  36. eric8604 says:

    And people say new ideas for movies dont exist. Could even get Gerard Butler as a secret service agent

  37. Tmass2020 says:

    I dont want to believe this conspiracy, that would mean trump is ruining our country not biden

  38. Dn1984 says:

    All five episodes today … killed it..

  39. Agent12 says:

    When are we getting this movie lmfao

  40. battygirlrachel@gmail.com says:

    Tim’s ideas for films reminded me of some shorts that were aired, if memory serves, during USA Up All Night… they played during the commercial break between features so they were only a few min long. the only one I can really remember is a fisherman walking along the bank of a river and coming across an apple. He picks it up and starts eating it only to discover too late that there was a hook in it, which he had swallowed. it ended with the hook being reeled in and cutting through his throat causing him to bleed as he was pulled into the water. the other one had something to do with being chased if I recall correctly. Does anyone else remember these? does anyone remember the names of the shorts?

  41. MadLadFPV says:

    Don’t worry Ian, I got what you were saying, with the alien spaceship absorbing the bullets for copper reference. Tim is just a cunt sometimes, and gets protective over HIS stories. Take a Xanax once in a while Tim..

  42. laranator369 says:

    Two words: no mames
    *laughs in spanish*

  43. Nethronisys says:

    we dont negotiate with squirrels

    NEEDS to be a T shirt!!

  44. shoebootie says:

    “I think she’s full of shit!” roflmao New member and it’s so funny to hear Tim swear.

  45. jasonvreeman says:

    This is the best conspiracy theory ever.

  46. MykC says:

    Hell Yeah Jupiter

  47. Mattical1980 says:

    Jack killing it with the “secrets” Conan reference in the beginning, lol

  48. ftaugust says:

    Rank is not worn on the uniform of the guards. The ones walking back and forth do that so they do not potentially outrank those buried at the tomb

  49. ArmoredRaven says:

    I signed up to timcast just now looking for copper, and I found gold!

  50. Tommy_Treez says:

    Tim’s alien idea is Soylent green x independence day.

  51. Slugpudding says:

    Throwing Copper was a great album

  52. Bikerbob59 says:

    Tim has a very dark mind.

  53. Splitscope says:

    The soldiers (Sentinels) at the Unknown Memorial don’t ware rank so they never outrank the person buried there.

  54. ShiningLightOnShadows says:

    I am writing a book it’s called The Time of 2 Presidents. And it’s going great so far. I’m using a lot of the Q theories for it along with my own twists. I can’t wait to send you guys a copy.

  55. Smknjoe78 says:

    The soldiers are not wearing rank insignias so they do not out rank the Unknown Soldier. That is the same reason why the Sentinels do not wear rank insignias.

  56. Creose says:

    Who is Q? Q is John Podesta.

  57. Danno2112 says:

    Gal Godoy is really Wonder Woman and Israeli .

  58. MigL says:

    It went from the secret war to intergalactic craziness. This, this is why I sub

  59. JKBaxter says:

    Come on now Barron Trump is flying AR drones traveling drones to correct the timeline.

  60. Kshthymyla says:

    Fact check: 100% true, and we here at Reuters are so sorry for protecting you from the truth. We’re actually undercover agents from the Department of Gorilla Economics. We’ll be literally revising history from the far side of the moon, so that you always knew the truth.

  61. Fishbiskit says:

    When most people say that Trump is the real President they mean Legitimate. The entire idea that a group of politically interested connected people “fortified” the election is absolutely abhorrent to most Americans. There are far more normal people than lunatics on either side and even the hardcore anti-trumpers think that the 2020 election is “abnormal” just not enough to want to risk their side losing.

    • craigoryb says:

      Anyone that believes that the 2020 election was anything close to legit is quite frankly a willful idiot. There’s boatloads of irrefutable evidence and statistical impossibilities showing widespread fraud (despite the millions of times that MSM has jammed the opposite down the throats of the public). If you haven’t seen anything that raises major concern, then you aren’t looking in the right places or you don’t want to know (willfully ignorant). A company in Italy helped rig the election by switching votes in the dominion machines. An affidavit has been taken from an employee involved in altering the votes. I’m sure this will eventually come out to the mainstream public but the information is out there if you go look. Our friend from MyPillow also released a project that shows the ip address traces from the night of nov3 which shows the attacks coming from other countries.

  62. knoxvillain says:

    bold take

  63. allgoodguy says:

    I think it’s really cute how your like, share, subscribe notification pops up in this non-youtube session.

  64. Delunk says:

    This was dumb. I was wanting some Alex Jones type shit.

  65. ScotScottScottt says:


  66. BigJoe77 says:

    I not sure but the sentinels at the tumb of unknown soldier don’t display ranks as too no out rank the unknown.

  67. knoxvillain says:

    how many high ppl spent a sec w your eyeball on the screen to check the encoding bar

  68. BigJoe77 says:

    TIM: “Everyone keeps licking the boot of the establishment!”
    Foot fetch people: “ don’t threaten me with a good Time!!…”

  69. mikeball139 says:

    Was this stream taken down on Youtube?

  70. tannerreeve says:

    The reckoning has begun. The Trump Secret Wars

  71. HawkSmash says:

    You must construct additional pylons.