Study Shows People Think Journalists SUCK, Jack Tells Ian He Loves Him

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  1. says:

    dumb idea “chicken news room”

  2. Jakew122 says:

    When you make the CHICKEN CITY CNN video, please add a view counter at the bottom of the screen. Have it jump 400,000 views every time they mention Trump.

  3. BigJoe77 says:

    Screw the Illinois boys, more like the four Horsemen of rational thinking

    Great combo jack and shamus.

  4. Yagre says:

    How can you not love Ian?

  5. carrotsontop says:

    Wow Tim! You guys are really talking here! I have 4 minutes to go but, yeah!!!!, this is everything I knew you could do a year ago! You were the only person that drew me in and I know, although I’m alone, there are millions of me out there and I saw something in you I haven’t seen on tv for in my own conscience lifetime, I knew it!!!!

  6. carrotsontop says:

    Oh. That worfwhatshisname person is really great, you should take her out to the River for some fishing.

  7. carrotsontop says:

    First time watching my members only segment stuff. Great stuff!!!!

  8. Juicepeezy says:

    First time hearing you guys swear haha what a relief

  9. UppityG says:

    People, the American people in particular, DO value the core journalism values *when they are practiced by journalists in proportions that serve the people, not themselves.* Corporate legacy media, aka MSM, does not practice those values and we’re not having it anymore.

    “Sullivan was reacting to a new study by the Media Insight Project that tested public attitudes toward five purported core values of journalism: oversight, factualism, giving voice to the less powerful, transparency and social criticism. The study found that just 11% of Americans ‘fully support all five of the journalism values tested.’ ”
    — (3 spaces added to de-link) h ttps://www .foxnews .com/media/washington-post-margaret-sullivan-disconnect-public-journalism-values

    The MSM over-focuses giving voice to the less powerful (as defined by them and only them) and on social criticism (only of the parts of society they deem deserving of it, not all of it) *at the expense of* oversight, factualism and transparency. And they always do so in favor of their self-regard and profit. With an entirely straight face.

    Telling them so to their overly straight faces is like telling them they have a tail. They’ll hotly deny it. Alcoholics Anonymous would like to get them hip to some knowledge they appear to not have and sorely need.

  10. ExtraterrestrialMusic says:

    Congratulations on 1M subscribers, as well as the improved website guys! I’m looking forward to being a part of this community as it grows! Oh, hey, I sent you an email about my band, Forged by Fire! We just released an album, and are finally starting to book shows again, I think you guys would appreciate the music, if anybody sees this please check us out!

  11. Magster73 says:

    Everything that was said on this segment is why I think the 2020 election was disingenuous. Is the American people that dumb to elect a man with obvious mental issues who didn’t even campaign??? Get real..

  12. Hampton says:

    I post a comment on this video about your crappy website finally getting better and the video restarts lol

    • Hampton says:

      Your website suuuucks!

    • UppityG says:

      @Hampton, lol, I hate when that happens. And the page gives me epilepsy when it throws me alllll the way down to the bottom just to leave a reply. If I want to refresh my memory on what you said while composing, I have to PageUp til I find you again.
      It only hurts when I laugh. 😭

  13. Hampton says:

    Website getting better! Good job finally!

  14. Yobuyahouse says:

    Trump Trump Trump Trump?

  15. DarthMalgus says:

    Ill’n noize boizz!! Put it on a shirt!

  16. CJS3 says:

    Play the theme song for Super Chicken, but whenever the clucking sound is made, in your mind replace it with Trump.

  17. HankH says:

    Congrats on making it to 1 million subscribers. I’m a huge fan of the show; I’ve been watching for about 6 months or so, and tune in most evenings to get my daily dose of sanity. Keep up the great work and hopefully you’re at 2 million subscribers in the future. I am a GORILLA!

  18. HankH says:

    Congrats on making it to 1 million subscribers. I’m a huge fan of the show; I’ve been watching for about 6 months or so, and tune in most evenings. Keep up the great work and hopefully you’re at 2 million subscribers in the future. I am a GORILLA!

  19. Specter says:

    Donny Trump.

  20. WindyChimes says:

    Having Sheamus and Jack on together was a great idea.
    Great chemistry in this room tonight.

  21. NorthCounty says:

    Congratulations on the million subs!

  22. 312SparkY says:

    To my Illinois boiz! I doubt you’ll even see this comment but finding out that Jack and Seamus are also from the Chicago area was great! Ragging on Naperville kids couldn’t have been more accurate 🤣 I had to become a member after the episode you mentioned Glen ellyn cops being Dicks, because I’ve had my fair share of run-ins and yes can comfirm….dicks…. being a low crime area they have nothing better to do than harass whomever they pull over/interact with… and then you mentioned my Alma mater COD chaparrals, had to become a member hahah keep up all the good work I’m beyond impressed and ready for what’s next

  23. 3DPSchro says:

    It would be super interesting to have a blockchain with addition requests and deletion requests that would act as a later removal of previous information

  24. FxTwT says:

    I am 100% for the open-source network. Thanks for pioneering these ideas!

  25. tjryeguy92 says:

    New here. Hearing Tim say fuck was kinda like hearing my cousin who is ten years younger then me say it for the first time.

  26. Surewhynot says:

    We don’t like journalists cause like your momma said in kindergarten “no one likes a nosy nelly” and nowadays all they are is nosy nellys.

  27. Finecast says:

    The Media at this point is that one ex-girlfriend who, no matter how many dates she gets, she would just rant on about that one lover, Trump, all the time. Like for fuck sake, get over it, he’s gone.

  28. Unknown says:

    This comment doesn’t belong here, but needed to put down some thoughts to the world.

    “Racism” as an answer to what is the cause of something is the stupid persons solution. (99% of the time these days)

    If you ask a stupid person what caused X, and they don’t know, they will claim “Racism” because it’s a placeholder that sounds right to other stupid people like them.

    You: “Why did the plane crash?”
    Them: “Racism, clearly. If it wasn’t flown by a white person it wouldn’t have crashed and killed the 3 black passengers”

    Its like the stupid kid in class who didn’t listen to the question who exuberantly goes “I know! I Know! Pick Me!…. Photosynthesis is the process of making light out of aluminum cans!”

    No matter what you tell them they will adamantly disagree with you because they can prove they are right “Just look at the can, it’s shiny! It creates light!”

    In regards to racism, they just point to any random black person who happens to be effected by the situation at hand. “See! Racism!… cuz 2 + 2 = 5 and Black + Bad thing = Racism!”

    With all that said, I don’t actually agree with or believe in the idea of “Stupid”, most of it can be accounted for as a lack of knowing how the world actually works in many ways (overly simplified), however “stupid” gets the point across.

    I know, I’m preaching to the quire. Adding a perspective to the pool of thoughts.

    • Unknown says:

      Real life example… Paraphrase of actual conversations I’ve had, mostly just joined into one story but otherwise representative.

      Them: “Credit scores are racist!”
      Me: “How….?”
      Them: “Because black people have lower credit scores!”
      Me: “Ok… so in other words you have no idea how a credit score is calculated and assume all black people have low credit scores…”
      Them: “But, like… racism!!!!”
      Me: “Race isn’t included as a metric in credit rating. Income, payment history, assets, etc are”
      Them: “But, like… black people make less money”
      Me: “No, some do, most are above poverty line… regardless all the factors are things they can control”
      Them: “but like… thats just white supremacy talking!!!!!”
      Me: “No… if someone has never missed a payment, they are very likely to pay back their loan… basic logic”
      Them: “On time payments is racist!!!”
      Me: “How….?”
      Them: ” because like, black people can’t pay on time!!!!!”
      Me: “Why not?”
      Them: “It’s part of their culture!!!!”
      Me: “So… not about race then…”
      Them: “uh…white culture supremacy is racist!”
      Me: “Can I borrow $1000 and pay it back in 37 years?”
      Them: “No”
      Me: “So some behaviors are better than others and produce better results”
      Them: “You racist!!!!”
      Me: “In other words, you have no idea how the world works in any way. Nor any idea that it has nothing to do with what I think is better, it’s just that it is… watering plants grows more plants, regardless how much I want to pretend I can stop watering them and they will survive”
      Them: “But too much water kills plants!”
      Me: “So too much of a behavior can also be a bad thing…..?”

      If we weren’t one species fighting to survive on a small wet rock floating aimlessly in space, that wouldn’t care if we all died, I probably wouldn’t bother trying to educate my fellow man.

      • Unknown says:

        One final thought…

        The person exemplified clearly is a racist… but like I said, “racism” is the stupid answer. Mostly, the person is just that stupid to believe what they said was true. And like I said, I don’t really agree with “stupid”… they just need to grow and learn, and it’s on us to educate these assholes…. who else will…

    • UppityG says:

      @Unknown, first, I get what you’re saying about slinging the slam “racist” by stupid people who are actually confessing by projecting. Also, I’m impressed with your phonetic spelling of the word “choir.” I’m tempted to spell it quire too from now on, just to mess with stupid people.

  29. There needs to be a way to allow comments to live on the timeline, similar to SoundCloud when somebody makes a comment it time stamps their response on the timeline. The comment section could be more streamlined and conversation could live under the timeline 🙂

  30. Sanesociopath says:

    Yo, you should get a player option that’s audio only for those of us with limited time to watch videos.

    • CommonCriminal says:

      You can install the Brave browser on your phone and do just that. Login through the browser, start the video, and then lock your phone screen. It will stop when you lock, but if if you hit the power button it should pop up the player controls on your lock screen. Press play and enjoy!

  31. reychal says:

    Yay 1M subs!! You deserve it.

  32. Crimson_Conundrum says:

    Congratulations on 1m views!! Well deserved, long time fan from Canada. Love what you guys are doing, and excited to see whats next for timcast! Hell yeah!

  33. UncleDaryl says:

    Congratz on 1Mil! SuperStoked!

  34. boomdude90 says:

    Love the work y’all do.

  35. t0suj4 says:

    Are we reinventing backlinking?

  36. GMeistGrotto says:

    Had to become a member after this episode, the temptation of uncensored Tim was too great haha

  37. TheReigningCobb says:

    Funniest intro ever lmaooo it honestly makes me want to cry tears of sadness to see this is what our once great society has come to

  38. Bachva says:

    1M! Congrats! New member 🙂

  39. jabrann98 says:

    I really don’t like Seamus, Jack & Ian on the other hand.

  40. addyD says:

    Today’s guest has got learn how to speak into a mic, his voice would come through so loud when he got animated it was almost unlistenable

  41. says:

    Congrats on the million followers ! Great job!

  42. says:

    Congrats on the million followers !

  43. FoxOFire says:

    Donald Trump

  44. LJones1995 says:

    As Eric July says “Monetize your haters”

  45. UnderStream says:

    It is really easy to establish a website with wordpress on your own hosting. ubuntu is free you can run the server version and us Docker containers to load the wordpress with in minutes. It also makes it really easy to secure. It would be awesome to have a open source subscription plug in for wordpress!!!! As for cost Ubuntu is free. Docker is 5 dollars a month. Lenode server starts at 5 dollars a month. wordpress is also free and made easy to set up with container technology also makes scaling way easy as it essentially makes your server drag and drop to more powerful systems in the future.

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Ok. Someone did some homework. Well done. I’ve had a wordpress for many moons, but haven’t used it until recently. I’ll have to revisit my site. Go Team.

  46. says:

    I’m in, sign me up

  47. Scaifey says:

    Is there plans to be able to download episodes to listen offline???????

  48. Scaifey says:

    Is there plans to be able to download episodes to listen offline?

  49. Aliza7Seventy says:

    My mother was born and raised in Chicago. South Shore.
    So I choose to identify as Inherently Illinois.

  50. RoodlyAwakened says:

    This new website is really bugging out on my cell. I had to reload it 5 times before it would let me watch any videos. I miss the Members Only Area!
    Congrats on 1M! Love you guys!

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      I’ve found my desktop or laptop to work best. I had issues to with my phone a bit ago too since it’s not an app… yet. I believe they’re working on one.

  51. Aliza7Seventy says:

    Speaking about Jordan Peterson, and separately speaking about young women making life choices… let me combine them for you:
    Dr. Peterson presented his powerful idea at Turning Point USA, Young Women’s Leadership Summit, which took place in Dallas, TX on June 15th, 2018.
    Peterson opened by noting that women became emancipated as a consequence of the introduction of the birth control pill, and it’s coinciding with technological advances to reduce time needed for basic life sustaining tasks. Women began to have more time, and more freedom of choice as to what to do with it. Peterson wasn’t born yet, but I remember the news of the pill in 1960. I was only eight years old, but it was big news. And shortly thereafter, I remember women starting to wear pants suits, and their push into previously male dominated fields. I am not a student of women studies, but I witnessed the feminist movement taking newly found freedom, and setting new guidelines for women on how to conduct their lives. I admit it was an exciting time. However… women who might have chosen a traditional family role, raising children and volunteering in community service, would be looked down upon as old fashioned and under educated. Women with more than two children were deemed to be ignorant because they obviously did not know about birth control.
    Peterson points out that with the passage of time, we now have results on how those new feminist trends worked out for society and individual women. Obviously there have been great successes, and as with any big undertaking, there are areas that need further adjustment.
    “And this is what I have observed,” Peterson said at the TPUSA Summit, “I am not saying it is right, but it looks to me like young women in our society are taught to over value their career. They are not taught when they are 16 to 20 [years old] what is going to play a crucial role in their lives… we have the idea that we are going to have a meaningful career… careers are not necessarily intrinsically meaningful… as the purveyors of careers like to tell you…
    “I work with women in law firms for example. And these are impressive people. Man, they aced their high school, they nailed their university, they were top fifth percent on their LSAT’s, they nailed law school, they went into articling [Canadian term for internship in the legal field], and they became partners by the time they were thirty. They were on a rocket trajectory.
    “Almost all of them quit in their thirties. It happens in law firms all the time…”
    Peterson then describes the long hours of hard work required at a career pinnacle once you get there. And he continues about the realization that comes to women at the top. “What is the purpose of working eighty hours a week, when you could also have an intimate relationship that you spend some time on, and a family…
    “If you could have what you want, as emancipated women, capable of taking whatever place you want in society, what do you want?”
    Peterson is drawing on his decades of experience as a clinical psychologist. He does not assume for women that they would want to be mothers earlier on and pursue careers later. It is me who assumes that. He goes on to suggest that research be done, together with reasonable social scientists, to survey women from ages nineteen to seventy. Peterson predicts that as women experience more of life, their values will change from valuing a career to valuing a permanent relationship and family. And I would like to think that if younger women realize, through the data gathered by the research, that their future self will likely be happier with family, that they will then adjust their plan for the timeline of their lives.

  52. steveo says:

    Congrats on 1M I dont get the problem it should all be the same no matter skin color we all want the same thing to able to support our self make a living and take care of the family God has blessed us with it simple and to keep honor as we do this

  53. ConservativeVoicesUniversity says:

    Congratulations on the 1M subscription goal on YT Timcast and crew!

  54. Scratt69 says:

    Bring members area back please

  55. Dally says:

    Great show tonight, I like the Illinois Boys as it seems like you all are having a good time. I personally think that it makes for a better show.

  56. Untote says:

    I don’t think we can stress enough how big of an accomplishment this is for Seamus. Congrats on the million bro.

  57. WingedLion says:

    Clayton Christiansen said it best, to paraphrase, disruptive innovation is the way to grow. I wish I could be part of the decentralization project m I cannot code but I’m willing to contribute in any way I can. This is a big, highly useful but underrated innovation for the world and I want to be part of it

  58. GreenZer says:

    Trump 2022!

  59. MattCraig says:

    Bro… Go back to thw old site for a few days, i miss these extra vids and the new site is not allowing access…….. 😭

  60. benben says:

    aliens bro

  61. Den_Henson says:

    Can’t wait to sink GoFundMe and Patreon

  62. Lastandtheleast says:

    Brilliant. Thank you guys. Great episode.

  63. c0de6349 says:


  64. PandaSub2000 says:

    CONGRATS on 1 MIL!… and also TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! 😉

  65. thndrbrd says:

    LoL make that your intro Tim! That would be hilarious with chickens doing the Trumpro.

  66. metatron206 says:

    congrats for 1 million

  67. Sharebear84 says:

    Congrats on the subs, you guys earned it and so much more! Thank you for your hard work and determination. Best of luck in the future!

    • Grandeandy419 says:

      Tim, you constantly bring up how we need to break up the monopolies in social media through legislation, when they went after IBM, Bill Gates was in his garage creating Microsoft, When they went after Bill Gates, Steve Jobs rebranded Apple.

      Tim, You, Ian, and the open source code you are creating in your attic, are the next wave! Never underestimate the power of the free market.

  68. Ben_Zelius says:

    Me too on how cool it was to be watching when you hit 1 million subs, Tim. I want to see you rake it in and make this vision of yours work. It doesn’t have to be perfect–we’ve been light-years away from ideal conditions for some time now–but you’ve got the bulldog temperament to make something awesome happen. Again, congratulations!

  69. Rberkebile says:

    Please make the chicken Trump video. If you make Seamus a regular I will up my monthly

  70. Rberkebile says:

    Please make the chicken Trump video

  71. Turk_Longwell says:

    I mean, I wasn’t planning on filling the comments section too much. But. I just finished watching.
    Ok. Tim. I dig the optimistic view.
    And you’ve got a Strong Team behind you.
    I recall Just last year we did 40K likes for Adam’s MAGA beanie and Lydia’s birthday.
    The old days. Lol
    Go Team.

  72. KaziTheGreat says:

    Congrats on 1m subs y’all 👏

  73. Trend_Rudely_17 says:

    I want to cast but I cannot cast to my TV.

    Now I have to hold my phone.

    My hands. They will cramp.

    Congrats on your milestone.

  74. Boehmer says:

    Much Love Team!! Congrats on getting 1 Mil subs live!

  75. Turk_Longwell says:

    Corbett is shitty as shitty can be. Trump Trump Trump. Lameo.

  76. MightyMalcolm says:

    That Trump Trump sketch is gonna be gold

  77. jeremy says:

    flat earth is hilarious. all the wild theories are great. its proven to not be a flat earth, that people who say it is a flat planet are just the same as cnn reporters. im sure the dont actually believe ,like all the water would slosh of, its clear the the earth is a parabola. bowl theory is the real way to think.

  78. OtakuMagnet says:

    Is there a reason the entire podcast isn’t streamed directly to here so there’s no break in the conversation?

  79. harumph says:

    Flourbo lives matter.

  80. VikingHunde says:


  81. DermyWermy says:

    Tim saying that he is going to destroy all of the subscription systems seems so sinister. I know it’s not, but he said it so seriously.

  82. Turk_Longwell says:

    Donald Trump. Donald Trump. Donald. Trump. Donald Trump.

  83. PricklyPear says:

    Been listening every night for months and decided to make it “official” tonight. This show kept me sane during 2020. Congrats on 1mil!!

  84. Tommy_Curry68 says:

    Congratulations on 1 Million, best show on the internet.

    • ScamCast says:

      Replying to a comment reloads the page and brings me down to the bottom of the page to the comment box. Should instead put a comment box under the persons comment….

  85. JordanJ0888 says:

    Congratulations on 1 mill subs!

  86. Weezues says:

    so ready for this network you guys are talking about. sounds too good to be true >3<

  87. says:

    Comment section, heck yea!

  88. Mklwyit says:

    I literally just subbed because I thought the afterparty with Jack and Seamus would be fun, and it was genuinely shocking to hear Tim curse.

    Super glad I subbed. 😀

  89. Neyxous says:

    So cool to be there for 1m subs! GRATZ

  90. Ehsmallpoxblankit says:

    Been following you since you was on jre with jack dorsey

  91. James_Dorpinghaus says:

    Congrats on 1 Million subs! Donald Trump!

  92. CplChaskoIV says:

    Congratulations. 1M Subscribers on YouTube is a huge accomplishment.
    Hope it doesn’t go to your head. lol
    You All Are Awesome.

  93. Captain_Cheezers says:

    As Doty said congrats on the 1 Mil.

    Been following you for many a year Tim, it’s awesome to see how much you have grown.

  94. Doty says:

    Congrats on 1M subs guys, great show tonight!