Report Claims Next Superman Will be Black And Written By Ultra Woke Writer

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  1. SahRah says:

    Tbrow back to the woke Batwoman trailer. I dreamed of doing a parody of the trailer for an even woker version of the show called Bat Trans. Instead if, “I won’t let a man take credit
    for a woman’s work” it would be “I won’t let a man take credit for a Trans work.” It
    would have been legendary.

  2. Mentok302 says:

    It should star Kyrie Irving as the woke black superman trying to fly around a flat earth!

  3. Bigx5murf says:

    I keep repeating that manga and anime seems to be able to churn out fresh creative ideas seasonally. Even their remakes are fresh and creative.

    I believe a big part of this is because meritocracy is almost built into the process of a mangaka getting their work animated. Most of these people spent all their free time in high school drawing, inking, storyboards, by themselves, to enter into manga competitions, for a chance to be serialized in Jump or some other manga magazine. The few who make it to this stage are no doubt artistic, and creative geniuses (keep in mind, they did this while still studying as high school students in one of the world’s most advanced public education systems). Not to mention, they need to beat out 100s in competition.

    From there, to even get animated, they’ll need to perform commercially in manga sales. Even at this point, they’re only guaranteed one season (12-13 episodes). Commercial success determines a 2nd season, and its usually a couple years away.

    Also, many of their remakes are done by the current hot mangaka in the industry, who’ve are currently enjoying the most success.

  4. pteague says:

    Ian was actually onto something … film the fixing of the RC vehicles …. most people do not know or understand how to build or fix anything … I think Louis Rossmann is right with his Right To Repair movement & repairing the RC vehicles that got messed up I think would be very good … otherwise you’re buying into the just toss the broken stuff in the trash.

  5. iloveyellow says:

    SuperPerson having extra powers is so ablist! They should at least have Down’s syndrome paired with body dysmorphia.

  6. Clifford says:

    Ok so the problem most geeks have with a black superman isn’t because he is black; its because the superman is still named Clark Kent which is not black its more anger about a hand me down character.

  7. Yagre says:

    Please don’t refer to Ta Nehisi Coates as a writer. He’s a hack at best.

  8. Stormbobcat says:

    Tim definitely hates Ian

  9. Toc85 says:

    Thor vs Superman – WRONG. Superman is weak to magic.

  10. WingedLion says:

    We give you tons of free ideas too lol. Don’t need stingy Tim

  11. MangoldMachine says:

    “Oh no, a bullet-proof black man?! Quick someone get the White Knight, Cherick Dauvin to choke him to death!”
    -Racist cops in Black Superman

  12. Rawdog says:

    This has been done already. Remember that crappy movie with Wil Smith & that South African blond bitch who played his “counterpart”. Wil Smith’s character is suspiciously like Superman. Hell these asshole actors have been pushing this shit for years. Remember Event Horizon? Sam O’Neill had an aboriginal patch on his character’s uniform. This woke shit is the culmination of YEARS of conservatives “sleeping at the wheel” for years.
    Now its time for the sh****g.

    • Rawdog says:

      Edit: Sam Neill. Also, he specifically stated in an interview that the reason he put that patch on was because he thought that in the future there would no longer be Australian “colonialism”..

    • says:

      Ian wins the day with his call that Black Superman will use his laser vision to destroy the border wall. Good on yer, bro!

  13. ThePigman says:

    “It doesn’t bother me that a Norse god was played by a black guy.”

    — Tim Pool

  14. ThePigman says:

    Disgusting. If he isn’t a transman this is totally unacceptable.

  15. Housersch37 says:

    I already know this, and already know that it will fail. Just Some Guy has already gone over this months ago, along with several other comic book fans on Youtube.

  16. SteveK51 says:

    I’m imagining that Superman is the only black person (a little on the nose with that metaphor) and we are all just supposed to ignore that people don’t recognize him simply because he’s wearing glasses.

    Or even better, the women from Krypton look like the men on Earth so Supermxn is trans…

  17. Zedshow says:

    They hated how dark the Snyderverse was but then turned around and said, “maybe Superman could be darker though?”

  18. NickM says:

    Making Superman black is just lazy. How about a new character? Nah, that sounds hard.

    • Outermostaura says:

      There is a black superman look up steel he builds a luthor esk power suit and fights crime with a huge mallet. Arguably far more heroic than a god like individual

  19. says:

    Unless Superman isn’t a black lesbian Super-retarded-womxn who wears furry dress instead of cape and let’s all the alien immigrants in, and kills police and hates people, there is no justice.

  20. Blairp says:

    Massive rewrite of the Superman script awkwardly initiated after this segment. No imagination!

  21. c0de6349 says:

    so white dood can play black panther?

  22. JohnMantoe says:

    Excellent, now Superman fans will be labeled racist. Next up, Batman!

  23. cvanfossen368 says:

    Chronicle actually came out in 2012.

  24. Los2000 says:

    Thor vs. Green Lantern…

    Thor would win. Y’all are forgetting about Green Lantern’s one weakness.

  25. Los2000 says:

    Ok, let’s do this…

    Superman vs. Charles Xavier… who wins.

    My money is on Professed X.

  26. likesdarkgreen says:

    Guaranteed, there will be an incident where Superman has to help a black family being harassed by the police, or he faces a black family only for one of them to be harassed or killed by a police officer, who is possibly retired.

    • says:

      no superman will save a black family being hassled by a couple of social workers because regardless if police or social worker the system is inherently racist.

  27. Chris_Bravo says:

    Two things, Ian you were right about the Death of Superman. He was called the Man of Steel, or steel for short. Fun fact, Shaq played him in a movie once; it’s as bad as it sounds. And can we not have a moment for Blade? I fucking loved Wesley Snipes as Blade.

  28. Vizantius2017 says:

    the only reason why we are getting Black Superman is because the fact that all these leftest only want sloppy second token characters instead of actually coming up with a real unique not tokenized character. Shehulk, Warmachine, Miles Morales, the black chick from batwoman, they’re all token characters. I don’t want them we don’t need them and they serve no purpose other than for a SJW leftest identarian be able to say we took another white character and made them black. oh this goes doubly true for fucking Redheads leave my gorgeous redhead ladies alone.

  29. Kyle says:

    Lets do a black Hitler next

  30. KethAtril says:

    Should get ahold of Shamus and make it a Freedom Toon.

  31. Andersondavid88 says:

    Not sure if you’re aware or not but over the past couple days ads have started to show up on apple podcasts.

  32. StannisBaratheon says:

    Superman isn’t black. This will be a black version of a white character, which is fine. But saying “Superman is black” is false.

  33. SadDog says:

    Is it just me or dose Tim have a uncanny resemblens to sk8er Boi from Avrils music video?

  34. Greenreaper898 says:

    If anyone is having issues with getting the video to show up and think you are not logged in, just clear your cookies for the site and refresh. Works for me everytime.

  35. Floyd says:

    I wonder if there’s an audit going on. I wonder if the sudden drive of conservatives to get involved in the small, local level of politics has anything to do with a re-awakening of the political process at the smallest level. I wonder if state-wide canvassing in Arizona and the connections and community created by disaffected voters all over the US has reinvigorated people to engage on local issues.

    Nah. Because that isn’t happening.

  36. James Haddock says:

    It would be coom if the black superman were one of the ones who tried to step up after “the death of superman”.

  37. Grabber says:

    Potential movie title: Superma’am Ahwokens

  38. sammyDanger_88 says:

    I love how tim’s already thinking ahead of time I quote we should start making a budget

  39. Pardah83 says:

    I changed my password and it fixed my login problems. If you are having problems

  40. Rosherov says:

    for the life of me I could not remember the name of the movie “chronicle” and randomly decided to tune in today after the show. thanks ian, lol

  41. jmusto says:

    Does anyone remember the book Tim suggested for people to read when he was giving advise to that person on how to push back being taught woke garbage. Was it Rules for Radicals?

  42. Bikerbob59 says:

    Thanks Tim and crew.

  43. GunsTheMonkey says:

    Superman isn’t an illegal alien because he can demonstrate a skill and or ability no other american can. So he is a melting pot legal alien.

  44. BillH says:

    When it comes to Superman being black or Thor being a woman I always think back to Jay & Silent Bob with Ben Affleck’s line “Please remember we are talking about FICTIONAL CHARACTERS!” with the silly hand movements lol.

    For another woke black superman line they could steal from Rambo: First Blood “I can lift a whole bus with one hand but here I can’t even get a loan!” Lex did actually become President of the US in some stories. But you are right They would equate him to Trump with some allusions.

    Also, Ian’s thought on them making Superman wear a Kryptonite necklace. It hint’s back to the Handicapper General from Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut that you’ve discussed in the past. (Sry for the long post)

  45. Christopher says:

    You guys need more than media personalities. Try to find an electrician, a mechanic, a security/ self defense expert. Heck, maybe even a plumber.

    I can’t tell you how valuable a guy that knows basic things like the back of his hand. I had a scooter in the 2000’s and broke it. My neighbor, an old guy came over, fixed it up and suuped it too. Turned out he worked on jets in Korea and loved tinkering, he said he loved working on my scooter because I expected it back.

  46. Turk_Longwell says:

    I loved ‘Chronicle’.
    Great young actors:
    Dane DeHaan,
    Micheal B. Jordan.
    It’s sad when friends kill friends.

  47. ZAK88 says:

    why dont you guys live stream on this site?

    • Dozeji says:

      They’re planning on doing this soon, with a built in superchat system, so that they can just keep going without having to stop the stream

  48. says:

    Ta-Nehisi Coates taking notes right now like “these some good ideas”

  49. H4T3R says:

    If its not letting you log in the typical way, try responding to a comment and having it force you to log in that way. Only way it works for me.

    Keep up the good work cast!

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Exactly, All.
      If you can’t login in…
      Do a reply to comment.
      You’ll get signed in.
      But also, you’ll comment.
      I did it by accident,
      if you scroll all the way down.

  50. says:

    I really don’t care if he’s black, as long as he’s Superman.

    • dksheppard77 says:

      in the dc comics story the black superman is calvin ellis from earth 23 and is president of the usa this isnt a new thing its been around for about 12 years

  51. MunkyDong says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if the cops shot the black Clark Kent and that’s how they expose who Superman is and President Lex takes away his right to vote.

  52. TKultra says:

    You can log in with a private window or incognito mode!

  53. Digizero says:

    Your guest reminds me of a *Family Guy” character. 👌👌👌

  54. OrdoN11 says:

    Workin the night shift get members only earlier than normal

  55. Buzz says:

    I made it!!!

  56. FoxOFire says:

    i just want static shock. why do they have to be fucking weird about everything?

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      This is just a “Just sayin”:
      Ian can go Left, quick like,
      He has a strong reminisce of Collective Ideology.
      Either way, that was a good show.
      Looking forward to the after show.