Phil Labonte Says We Need A Convention of States before Civil War

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  1. TomGom1984 says:

    The issue is that during the civil war it was harder for foreign adversaries to receive quick, accurate information. Not to mention mobilize a force big enough to invade. Nowadays with information being practically instant, the US showing that level of instability is a honeypot for countries to prepare contingencies against america in the event we weaken ourselves through infighting. Any thoughts?

  2. Hollowed931 says:

    Horrifyingly I think it would be more like the war in Rwanda than the War in Syria. The issue is the purple states. There is where the worst atrocity will be seen as a cycle of attack and retribution will be carried out and degrade into Rwanda like attacks by faction against faction. New England is a pretty dangerous place to be because of New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts! I agree that if we end up in actual civil war it will absolutely be worse than the first Civil War we fought. A convention of States or outright peaceful divorce is really the only valid option we have here in the states if we are to have any chance at all. The thing that pisses me off all the time is I feel this whole thing has been brought on by the Democrats just like the first damn war. I know people can put blame on both sides but the GOP culpability is their laziness and cowardice, The DNC are the ones actively pushing the nation towards conflagration.

  3. MeyaCulpa says:

    Yes, a Convention of States is needed now. Write your Reps and let them know. Register with the CoS movement. Around 11 states are needed to get on board to make it happen. It’s now or never.

    • clint229 says:

      Tim, Phil: The situation is that the large coastal metropolitan Democrat states and districts are leaving the Constitutional states while pretending that they and the Federal government are still part of the Republic. They are seceding from Constitutional governance. So… is America just a location, or is it a location with a specific Constitutional governance? If it is the second, then the red-pilled state may want to form a coalition to explore this question. And quickly.

  4. cdeboer2013 says:

    Guns will be my catalyst for fully supporting a civil war.

  5. brimmer49 says:

    im sorry there are states that would be safe to come to and yes i believe texas would be fine, i think wyoming where im at would be another most people that live in wyoming and texas are usually tough as hell liberty minded people. I dont believe any thing far left thing could get a hold in here, we love our god guns coal and oil. coming form a oilfield work. But yes we need a convention of states ive been a supporter since shortly after Mark Levin Wrote the book.

    • Bigly12025 says:

      It seems to me that all the billionaires living in Jackson are taking over the rest of Wyoming. You have Liz Cheney representing the state. Serious changes have been taking place right under your nose.

  6. Unknown says:

    Fundamentally the issue between the Left and Right is that the Left is fighting for a good cause… if it was real. The Right is unwilling to “Help” solve a problem that doesn’t exist. 99% of what the Left screams about is pure hyperbolic conspiracy theory. To demand major change and action is asking to either waste resources or get something for nothing. Or they want someone to pretend with them that they are solving the pretend problem.

    Example: BLM’s key issues are fundamentally conspiracy theory.
    Racist white cops aren’t running around murdering countless thousands of innocent unarmed black people. ~15 unarmed black people are killed each year, most in the act of them trying to harm or kill someone. Half by black cops. Racism has nothing to do with it.

    Truth is, the issues have little to do with what the Left claim they are. They are suffering from various things, but if they can’t identify the issue and they refuse anyone else identifying the issue, then how is anyone supposed to help? They are like drug addicts who ask you for help but will only accept “help” in the form of more drugs.

    This is not a partisan opinion. I’ve done the research. The vast majority of their claims are factually untrue and are beyond explainablely insanely hyperbolic.

    Just think about the ‘sanity’ someone has to have to say “Finally, we can go back to normal with this New normal”…. (hint… so… Not normal… but happy it’s Back to… normal….?)

    Basically, it’s time we stop pretending these people are even remotely sane or well informed. Stop being “nice”. “Nice” is how they get you to buy their bullshit. Be a dick to them, because it’s a dick move to demand others cater to your delusions.

    • says:

      This is good. Very true. I agree with those facts. Except the insane part because they know exactly what they are doing. Which is even worse.

      • Unknown says:

        I think they are delusional like a toddler who believes in Santa Claus. It’s a temporary insanity propped up by peoples unwillingness to tell the kids Santa isn’t real because they want to avoid upsetting the kids, and probably avoidance of guilt letting their kids know they lied to them for years. Hell, in some cases the ‘parents’ themselves think Santa is real, thus not a lie, just also delusional.

        It’s easy to say “But they are adults, they should know better” while forgetting that media, politicians, schools, and big tech platforms have been feeding their delusions for years.

      • Unknown says:

        And to be fair, some (maybe a good portion) know Santa isn’t real, but they are playing into it to use their parents (societies) guilt/confusion against them. However, in my experience this is the exception, not the rule. The solution is the same. Stop feeding the delusion.

        Those who feel guilty need to admit they were wrong and set the record straight.
        Unlikely, but imagine if CNN came out and was like “you know… we got Floyd wrong, he most likely OD’d.”

    • VauxhallViva1975 says:

      Excellent post.

  7. TurdFerguson says:

    Eat an entire bag of dicks sleepy Joe

  8. Vashts1985 says:

    Melon Labia

  9. says:

    Biden, Harris, and everyone else is going to get alot of people hurt going the direction they are pushing.

  10. Blairp says:

    The judge in the bundy case dismissed the case with prejudice. It never made to jury deliberation. The state had lied many times to the judge and she finally had enough. It was crazy

  11. Jimmy says:

    You see that Moon? You don’t know how many nights I spent alone staring at that moon wondering if at that exact same moment my Left-wing homies or my Right-wing homies was looking at the same moon. And for that brief second we were together again, kind of, you know?

    • BlessedAnkou says:

      SS * The Moon is indeed beautiful…. (sigh….) Try not to look at the moon to long IT has “powers” too… On a Scientific side IT does reflect radiation from the Sun as well…. Just sayin… *

    • Jimmy says:

      Replace Joe Dirt with the Roman Empire and the Moon with Venus, and you’d have the basic idea of Venus Genetrix:

      When elections were held in semi-autonomous Roman territories, in order to demonstrate the local governments continued loyalty to Rome following the entry into office of new magistrates, a condition was placed where ‘Transitions of Power’ from one loyal subject to another should only take place while Venus was in the Ophiuchus constellation.

      This would be an effective governing tactic, as it affords a political party room to publicly denounce Roman occupation in order to keep the public’s trust – as long as Rome’s anxiety’s are assuaged by holding the election on days where Venus is traversing the sky in the Ophiuchus constellation. If an election is held and a ‘Transition of Power’ takes place when Venus was NOT in the Ophiuchus constellation, the Roman Empire would know before any pleasantries took place that the new government should not be trusted, which could itself be grounds to send in the military to retake control.

      To any independent researchers or journalists out there – go to inthesky . org or any website with a star-wheel where you can search the coordinates for Washington, D.C., and see for yourself what constellation Venus was travelling through during every Presidential election and ‘Transition of Power’ in the post WWII era.

      ‘Transitions of Power’ should be applied to Presidential elections, re-elections and assassinations (JFK). Do you see any patterns? What elections were abnormal based on this requirement?

      Regarding Election Integrity and the current state of US affairs:

      If the US Government is colluding with US Media to influence public opinion by using the stories being told in the sky (as it relates to ancient Greek/Roman mythology) as reference to demonstrate loyalty to some outside influence (religious or institutional i.e. Communism), the founding principle of ‘Separation of Church and State’ would provide a long-standing precedent to organize a ‘Convention of States’.

      I hope this helps, and Happy 4/20!

  12. NorthCounty says:

    Great show! Great guests!

  13. -Minto- says:

    Very good guest indeed

    • Jenni. says:

      What everyone fails to realize is that the Red states WOULD NOT be seceding from the country. Red states uphold the Constitution and what it stands for so we would be keeping our country. Instead, we need to see it as kicking the Blue states out because they LITERALLY are trying to destroy this country and turn it into something different. So this is the approach we need to go forward in. And then we need to consider the ramifications of such a decision and how it would affect people in these states AND our infrastructure. The one thing I do know for sure…we need to take our country back with people rule instead of party rule. Parties need to be illegitimate.

  14. saccaed says:

    Consider a red dot for the pistols. Because of the short sight radius, pistol shooting is more difficult than compared to rifle shooting. A parallax free red dot on a pistol will normalize the difference and your accuracy will only be limited by steady hands, a steady trigger pull and the inherent accuracy of the pistol(how good is the lockup and barrel mostly). Most any pistol will shoot better than 6moa which translates to hitting a 6 inch plate at 100yds in calm conditions reliably.

  15. BeastModeBallet says:

    Perfect episode to wake up to! Looking up All that Remains for my workout tracks today! And yes, my friends! Keep helping our states become 2A Sanctuarys! I’m hopeful that Ohio will become one next!

    • Luv_a_bull says:

      If anyone is interested in the truth please go to but beware “ignorance is bliss” has merit. The professor is one of the most honest people on the internet and he has guests that are too. All of the episodes are great but the one about the election machines is the most revealing. Then please pass on the word as Americans need to know the truth!

  16. says:

    Buddy, unfortunately the Hispanic community IS conservative minded however, they are a simple people. They work hard and head home to their families. They don’t have the time to do research and because of the news, they vote democratic.
    I live in El Paso and it pains me to see my hard working, family oriented community fall for the lies of the media.

  17. Mklwyit says:

    It genuinely scares me what I might be forced to do to uphold my principles in the event of a catastrophe like a civil war.

    Please, Those in power, don’t force the hand of men like me. I don’t know what horrors might happen, but believe me when I say “we never wanted this”.

    • Mklwyit says:

      Don’t take my post as some silly shit like an “incitement to violence” or anything like that. I’m just concerned at what all is happening in the country these days. I’m just worried, is all.

  18. Earl-walton says:

    As much as have enjoyed In This Moment’s music, hearing this intelligent man speak loud words softly is just as satisfying. Great interview. Might I suggest trying to connect with Tommy Vex, formally of Bad Wolves. He has appeared on TheBlaze’s News and Why it Matters before and is similarly minded.

  19. Bmwtech says:

    A civil war in the US would look more like Yugoslavia where the country split up in various sections. Attacks where civilians would die in big numbers and assassins would take out politicians. You could also start seeing warlords getting power.

    • Spider_Guard says:

      A very astute observation. There are already boroughs, districts, wards, blocks, etc where LEO DON’T GO, That will only entrench and expand as factional violence segregates the various elements of society.

      I see the rise of the vigilante enforcing law and order where LEO cannot or will not. People will only take so much before they organize, arm, and enforce. Look at the PNW (Pacific North West) last summer where it was believed Antifa was setting fires- they organized, armed, and enforced order.

      That will scale proportionately to the deterioration of law and order. As we prepare to kick off another summer of unrest I will not be surprised at an uptick in citizen justice protecting people and property from terrorist violence.

      Not to be spicy- but this terrorism at it’s finest.

  20. yamyule says:

    “Joe Biden can eat a dick” … 🙂

  21. Bignate says:

    I love the black rifle coffee. Glad to hear the shout out. Glad to see a normal person coming to Texas.

  22. Bignate says:

    I love the black rifle coffee. Glad to hear the shout out


    The Federal bureau of Land Managements acronym would be FBLM. That’s funny

  24. Neversummer160 says:

    IDK if you read these comments Tim, or even if a staffer does but please realize that as far as the west coast states are concerned they are sharply divided red/blue. North and eastern CA, Eastern WA, almost all of OR except for The Democratic Peoples Republic of Portland are very red.

    As a eastern Washingtonian I can tell you that we wouldn’t be happily joining shit. To Seattle we are just surfs and they dont give a shit about us. Factions may be red sides of states vs blue.

  25. CantSilenceThisAmericanGirl says:

    The only legit reason I have seen to shoot a handgun 15-30 yards is in the defense of someone else. Someone pointing a gun at someone else and YOU with a handgun are the only way to defend that unarmed person. We often focus on just YOU defending yourself with a handgun but defending others happens more often than people think. At 30 yards…

  26. DanTrinkle says:

    John Teter was a thing because he predicted if Bush won, the US would destroy itself.

  27. SammyMyBoy says:

    Yes, please have Donut Operator on!

  28. largobun says:

    I’d rather volunteer for the next Alamo than move back to Canada. Place is embarrassing.

  29. Sleveofwizard says:

    Start stacking silver and guns ladies and gentlemen.

  30. ArtistStevenHoward says:

    I know people that have joined some of these groups you’ve mentioned due to the gun laws and possible confiscation. Do you want the boogaloo? Because they’re ready for the boogaloo.

  31. Txbow says:

    I’m from Texas. Almost anyone can pass the shooting qualifications of LTC class. There were first time shooters (one lady that had no business in the class that had zero muzzle control pointing it any where) passed. I scored at the highest of the class and I’m a soo shooter shooting a particular gun for the first time.

  32. Chimera says:

    The John Titor predictions said it would start with an urban/rural divide that starts as a Waco a month and escalating to war. Then after a few years Russia nukes the cities ending the war.

  33. jabrann98 says:

    This conversation was much better than the previous on YouTube. Well worth my $.

  34. Baalshazar says:

    Alas you must still scroll down to post a comment.

  35. Tharealfatman says:

    Hell yeah, comments

    • bearwithme says:

      Dude comments were even in the old version.. you just had to click the title of the video..

      • DorseyWoods says:

        Is the ability to add an avatar image a higher level subscription option? If not, where might I find the setting? I have the entry level, $10/month subscription and I haven’t been able to locate the option. Thanks in advance.

  36. Sanesociopath says:

    Hey, can you look into getting an audio only player option. I have plenty of time to listen to content but little time for watching shows.

    There’s a workaround for phones, but that only seems to work for ~5minutes.

  37. John_Beart says:

    I AM a MAMMOTH GORILLA chicken hybrid. CCP CRISPR project.

  38. Stoned says:

    I’m in MI. I refuse to be apart of the land of maple syrup and socalists.

  39. Surrealinsomniac says:

    my $10 sub opinion: would MUCH prefer you work on livestreaming bonus segments and fixing the comment section than spending time rolling out a cluttered UX.

    • UppityG says:

      Fixing the comment section is on my list of requests as well. Edit, delete, push notification of replies, custom avi, sort, collapse/expand per comment, and mute features would be greatly appreciated.

    • RomanDude says:

      I wonder if they have statistics on how many people are watching on their phones, cause I liked the old layout better before for mobile devices. Would be easy enough to just render a different page for phones that doesn’t have so much UX overload and just presents the videos. Marquees are barely good enough to use on desktop, and not accessible at all.

  40. Element says:

    Article I Section 10 establishes what powers are restricted to the states and the 10th amendment reaffirms that any power not prohibited to the states by the aforementioned section still belongs to the states. Article I Section 10 does not prohibit states from seceding. If the states had the power to join the union then they have the power to leave it.

  41. Element says:

    After the Civil War the Supreme Court said that unilateral succession was illegal(it wasn’t but that’s besides the point). The wiggle word there is unilateral because if it is does through a a convention of the states it wouldn’t be unilateral. Throughout the war between the states the Union claimed that the Southern states were still a part of the union. However, after they won the war and militarily occupied the South, they kicked them out of the union and put conditions on them rejoining the union. If congress can kick states out of the union then why can’t an Article V convention?

  42. Haze87x says:

    I live in Georgia and now two cities rule the state, it really pisses me off that so many indoctrinated idiots and people who don’t care just vote and bring the rest of the state down.

    • Green_-Bean7 says:

      same here in washington state. Seattle and Olympia rule with iron fists

    • UppityG says:

      Turns out many states should have a state electoral college, to fight the undue influence liberal cities have on state wide election results. That, and undue influence from non-resident megadonors like Bloomberg, Steyer, Soros, Zuckerberg, Koch Bros and who knows who else. CA, FL, TX, NY, NJ, OR, WA and DC are in emergency need of it. As of five minutes ago. And Puerto Rico.

    • Devilsgun says:

      Same garbage here in Colorado with Denver/Boulder urbanites lording over the entire state

    • DorseyWoods says:

      Same here in Virginia. The whole damned state is red except near the capital and bordering dc. We’re strongly considering selling our property and moving elsewhere. Really sucks because we have older parents who can’t really uproot and move so easily.

  43. jacobmeacham says:

    Really like the new site Tim! Only things I would change is the auto-scrolling for new website videos is too fast, and I think you should have a “Video” tab where all the videos/streams can be found.

    Love the content as always!

  44. adm13 says:

    This cop thing is terrible. But would we have heard about it if Daunte had put the car in reverse and drove over her and then been arrested after a high-speed chase and wreck?

    There is no legitimate excuse for her actions as a cop. She will be fired which is just, however, I don’t believe there was criminal intent from what I’ve seen from the body cam video. It doesn’t make it ok but it highlights how much more training needs to be done. Anyone who says they could do a better job, sign up or shut up.

  45. SlanderMan says:

    When you google “riot” from Germany you only find “Riot Games”.

    • UppityG says:

      Oof. European info control is nearly as bad as China’s. There are many other search engines out there, I never use google. Start with DuckDuckGo, which is very good and continues to improve. I also like Million Short, because I often do research on history and it allows me to do so without being treated like I’m a spammer, which google does.

      FAANG continues to treat algorithms like the second coming of Christ. No. No no no no no no no. They are terrible at writing algos. Terrible. But because they have blinkers on regarding themselves, they really think they can do no wrong.

  46. Ducktator says:

    Your graphic keeps asking me to like and subscribe, how do I do that on this site which is the only place this is viewed?

  47. Unknown says:

    This New new site…. SUCKS.

    Navigation is horrible.
    Everything feels crammed together.
    Finding the newest video is a PITA because the auto scroll immediately hides it.
    Dimensions of the images and videos all wrong.
    Featured videos is cluttered as hell.
    Your Twitter link takes you to one of your old YouTube videos.
    Initial login told me my account expired. Had to reset password twice.

    About the only thing that looks finished is the footer at the bottom of the page, which does look good.
    Color scheme is nice, minus some things being too dark, like the homepage latest video background… is it greyed out, is it supposed to be clickable, is it supposed to be cluttered and confuse you to make you wonder what the hell the webdev was on?

    Don’t let your Dev convince you we’re all complaining because we were used to the old site… we were only on it for a few weeks but at least it was organized and not cluttered like a spammy click bait ad filled news site.

    • says:

      In response to Unknown… I couldn’t agree more. This ‘improvement’ of the site is degrees worse than the original. Please take note of Unknown’s critique and suggestions below. I share his concerns.

      Thank you,
      Grant Ritchie

      This New new site…. SUCKS.

      Navigation is horrible.
      Everything feels crammed together.
      Finding the newest video is a PITA because the auto scroll immediately hides it.
      Dimensions of the images and videos all wrong.
      Featured videos is cluttered as hell.
      Your Twitter link takes you to one of your old YouTube videos.
      Initial login told me my account expired. Had to reset password twice.

      About the only thing that looks finished is the footer at the bottom of the page, which does look good.
      Color scheme is nice, minus some things being too dark, like the homepage latest video background… is it greyed out, is it supposed to be clickable, is it supposed to be cluttered and confuse you to make you wonder what the hell the webdev was on?

      Don’t let your Dev convince you we’re all complaining because we were used to the old site… we were only on it for a few weeks but at least it was organized and not cluttered like a spammy click bait ad filled news site.

  48. Scratt69 says:

    Can u bring members area back, and put the make a comment at the top not the bottom

    • UppityG says:

      I second Scratt69’s request. A site that has a comment layout that is more intuitive and flows smoothly is They don’t have push notification and the Edit has a strict time limit but it is extremely easy to comment and Reply without being thrown to the very bottom of the page.

  49. Rhodes87 says:

    Tennessee just passed constitutional carry. Takes effect July 1st. So happy with my state.

  50. CYoo says:

    Phil got me at “Joe Biden can eat a diiiick” LOL

  51. thoth says:

    Convention of States is going to destroy this country. Simply listen to what the John Birch society has to say about how dangerous it would be. The rules for CoS have never been followed during the proceedings and the far left democrats WILL use it to destroy the Constitution. Anyone advocating for the CoS is completely niave and clueless to the history of the CoS and when it was attempted prior.

    • drakedeity says:

      Yes agreed. Plus the Chinese and many many others will push their hand while we are distracted. China will go for new world power number uno.

  52. thoth says:

    OOF this site layout is Le Terrible. This is what ya’ll have been delaying for so long? lol

  53. Maverick says:

    Guys, appreciate the effort but navigation on thus new site needs alot if tweaking. Please can you add ‘Members area’ back into the main drop down menu and maybe members episodes so we can easily avoid all the stuff we’ve already seen. I genuinely couldn’t guarantee on navigating to these members vids without saving the page link again, because after 10minutes of trying to click every single button on every single page I lucked out and found the vid. Definately wasn’t intentional unfortunately.

    Also, on the main page there is text over text over symbols over text. So that could do with neatening up.

  54. Howlie says:

    Just make the site look as 90’s as possible as I’d be perfectly fine with it, complete with spinning skull gifs.

  55. hlung says:

    Hello Timcast Crew, my first and probably only comment! Just a few points on the website which I am sure are already being worked on:

    – The episodes are kind of hard to find with the “Read” section currently being empty and only a side bar showing any videos at all.
    – Member section videos only show up at the front home page, and aren’t the easiest to nav through. Took me over 3-clicks to figure it out which doesn’t fly with my web design brain.
    – This video itself works fine in the fullscreen but the default video dimensions show up as a very tiny 450×251 over my browser on 90%. I am running my monitor at a 1680×1050 and had to full screen it, however this makes it harder to view and multi-task for PC users.
    – The search menu bar seems to work reasonably well at present without any blog posts, but without any video preview thumbnails I can see it being “problematic” for anyone searching for videos.

    Regardless, excellent guest interaction as always – glad the team is always keeping an open mind with who they have on and how they engage. Makes me nostalgic for a breed of journalists and media personalities that retired or croaked long before I was born. Cheers from occupied [redacted], we will be free!

  56. MangoldMachine says:

    Also, Texas passed open carry in 2016. And as far as 5.56 being bad for home defense if you have neighbors, I disagree. Here’s the deal, houses and apartments aren’t just divided by sheetrock. Even so, a 5.56 is so light (ranging from 45-77 grain, commonly 55 or 62 grain) that even after passing through a single barrier, an FMJ loses almost all of it’s velocity. Many times they will shatter after hitting something and will tumble enough to slow down rapidly. If you hit an intruder with one, the odds are that the bullet will not have enough energy to pass through any wall.

    We also hear a lot about shotguns being the best for home defense. This is a misconception as basically every load that would be viable (slugs, 00-4ga buckshot, etc) for putting someone down will also penetrate through multiple walls afterward. Birdshot will be stopped by a couple sheets of drywall but won’t penetrate deep enough into vital organs to put the threat down. Handguns are basically the same deal. There are some decent options for keeping the bullet inside the target but if you miss then it will blast right through multiple walls. These are relatively heavy projectiles (115-147 grain for 9mm, 180-250 grain for 45acp) so they have a much higher inertia and will carry though more barriers than the 55 grain 5.56 which loses all of its velocity and energy the moment it hits anything.

    • Timuh says:

      I think you are correct, but don’t think you should make such long comments. Consider breaking up your points. Pro 2A. Tim clearly has good people that he listens to regarding guns.

    • drakedeity says:

      I appreciate your points. You have some good ones but also some bad ones. You need to check your stats, maths and especially in person verify his before giving it as advice as quite some bit of it is wrong but it’s so long of a post I don’t have the energy to format a point by point critique of it. Anyways, keep the passion brother.

  57. Crazylarry says:

    Beat the dead horse all night long.

  58. Unknown says:

    Just remember… The Dems were not scared that Trump actually called for the 6th. What scared them is that he called them off and they all listened.

    • Eruption22 says:

      That’s a great point, along with the fact the left always wants to call the bluff that the right will never go there. In one day all the perceptions they had in regards that we may not have the courage to step up when needed was instantly disproven. The right put the fear of God in the left in one afternoon without the use of guns, and they now realize if need be we will take fate in to our own hands. Wrong as it may have been, the message was powerful, loud, and very clear to every American that if need be we can become that monster they fear…….. we simply choose not to be.

  59. Kenkia says:

    Filling in the comments for support

  60. MangoldMachine says:

    I know that almost everyone in here has basically the same fundamental principles but not everyone will know much about guns, gun laws, or federal regulations so I wanted to toss this in. In all 50 states, laws and regulations vary wildly. Federally, however, there are universal requirements for weapons. Even though the left’s new past time is buttfucking legally defined terms, those terms determine whether or not you are a criminal.

    The terminology for firearms is almost entirely listed in the Gun Control Act (GCA) though exceptions can be found scattered through various other bills. For (a very generalized) example, a rifle is a firearm which has a barrel length of at least 16 inches and is designed to be fired from the shoulder. A handgun/pistol is a firearm designed to be fired by a single hand. A shotgun is a weapon which has a barrel of at least 18.5 inches and is designed to be fired from the shoulder.

    There are some notable exceptions to the above, especially when it comes to pistols based on a rifle pattern such as the AR-15. If the gun has less than a 16 inch barrel and no stock, it could be a pistol. But if you put a foreward vertical grip on it, it could be a “short barreled rifle” and regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA). If, however, the gun in question measures [measured from the tip of the muzzle to the back of the farthest fixed necessary component] more than 26 inches overall, you may have a vertical foregrip attached and the gun is classified only as a “firearm.” For example, I had an AR-15 pistol which had an 11.5 inch barrel and a carbine receiver extension (aka “buffer tube”). I measured from the end of the threads on my muzzle (non-permanent muzzle devices don’t count in overall length) to the back side of my buffer tube and it was 27.25″ so I was able to legally add a vertical foregrip. Also, the term “vertical foregrip” is defined as a grip mounted forward of the grip used to fire the weapon which is perpendicular to the barrel at 90°. Angled foregrips are totally fine and unregulated on AR-15 (or similar type) pistols.

    The NFA was created during the time of prohibition as an attempt to curb the gang violence that said prohibition caused. They attempted to ban ALL guns including all handguns but only a few items made it into the bill for restriction. This includes short barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, silencers (sound suppressors), destructive devices (think grenade launchers or under-barrel shotguns), and the nebulous term “any other weapon” (typically these are guns that don’t look like guns such as thr pen gun or umbrella gun.)

    NFA items are regulated so you must send the government an application to purchase or make one, include $200 for each application (one application per item requested), a set of fingerprint cards, passport photos, and little odds and ends. Once submitted, you will usually wait for 9 to 12 months (can be much longer or shorter depending on how everything was submitted and the backlog) which is called “NFA jail.” The item is then linked to you or your legal trust and is subject to a whole host of other red tape. For instance, you must notify the ATF (and receive approval beforehand) if you intend to take your NFA item out of state. Silencers are the exception to this unless the state you are going to does not allow civilians to possess them.

    Please join some real pro 2A groups who will be fighting to stop the new insanity and to try to push back some of the aforementioned fuckery. Firearms Policy Coalition is great. Gun Owners of America is too. You do not owe the government an explanation for why you need firearms and every one of their laws are wholly unconstitutional. Start getting into 3D printing and metal fabrication ASAP. There are millions of ways to circumvent the intrusions such as P.A. Luty’s book “Expediant Homemade Firearms” and so forth. Most importantly, DO NOT TAKE THIS LYING DOWN OR WITHOUT A FIGHT. This is the new civil rights movement, not that bullshit terror group “BLM.”

  61. Spanky45 says:

    The new website is trash

  62. DoomBaby888 says:

    Cannot say it enough times, stop talking shit about China invading Hong Kong. Hong Kong is and always has, been part of China.

  63. Nethronisys says:

    HB 85 Missouri 2A Preservation Act
    disreguards federal gun laws and allows suing any department that infringes on that right

  64. ProofofParadox says:

    It took far to long to find this and I had to watch the begining segment on yt (watching the midnight after) Can’t tell if this site is buggy or I am not used to it yet probably both but at least this libertarian is sane and from the marines mad respect for him bring this guy on with the last one

  65. erikjohnson05 says:

    Great guest!

  66. TheInfamousScratch says:

    Convention is a great idea.

  67. UppityG says:

    GREAT ep with Labonte and I hope you have him back. Now I’m gonna seek his music. Thanks all.

  68. UppityG says:

    TX is on the way to Consti Carry. Trust me, we’re on the way. Just hang in there.

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  71. JordanJ0888 says:

    Awesome guest Tim! Frankly speaking, he was very prepared and intelligent. And he’s a rock star! Crazy!

  72. ScamCast says:

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    That scrolling through the videos 1 by 1 on that side scroller is not that great… Need some kind of list where we could easily scroll through all the videos quickly and maybe a dedicated page for the members content.

    In my honest opinion, not really feeling the new site.
    Nonetheless, appreciate all the work you guys do.

  73. FoxOFire says:

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    There’s four Constitutional Carry bills, a 2A sanctuary bill and a Suppressor Freedom bill making their way through the State house right now. This year is likely going to be the year Texas goes Constitutional Carry, 2A sanctuary, and (basically) Hearing Protection Act. The KSG 25 is sweet, but look into an AR-12… box fed, semi-auto 12 gauge!

    • Eruption22 says:

      Don’t forget that we in Texas also introduced H.B. 1359. This would allow us on Nov. 2nd, 2021 to vote on the ballot if we are for or against leaving the United States and establishing our republic once again. Doesn’t mean we would but it is a good start to finding out how our state feels about this issue and if we would like to develop a plan to accomplish this. Texas has a certain spirit that can not be described, after all Texas decided to take on an army when we simply had a river separating us from our enemies, not an ocean that took months to cross. Texans sent letters to the United States asking for help only to be basically ignored because of treaties with Mexico and helping would be a overt act of war. We have never forgotten the Alamo and how our men died that day for the cause. Nor have we forgotten that forces we did receive to help was volunteers promised land claims, not a conscripted army from the United States. Remember the Alamo!!!!!!! #Texit

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    That’s Brandon Tatum’s analysis of the DAUNTE WRIGHT shooting. I agree with him. An Art V Convention is very sorely needed.

  77. Burly9 says:

    As a Texan I can say with confidence if anything like you guys are saying would happen Austin would fold like a cheap suit.

  78. PeterG6979 says:

    Blue areas are pretty easy to spot. They are typically ghetto fabulous or college towns.

  79. says:

    That Bundy-highway picture has been disputed as staged by people that weren’t part of the protest. Witnesses say they came, did the photo op, and left. That no one else that was part of the protest was so reckless

  80. itsjustanotherhandle says:

    One thing I learned last year is that the state governments are broadly liberty-respecting organizations that when they get together we shall see a beautiful document for the ages.

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