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'You're Encouraging Mental Illness': Joe Rogan Comments On Transgender Athletes In Women's Sports

'You Know It’s Not Scientifically True And Yet People Have To Espouse These Certain Things Because If They Don’t They’ll Be Labeled Transphobic'

Comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan referred to biological males identifying as transgender women in women’s sports was “encouraging mental illness.”

Rogan, along with guest and physician Peter Attia, discussed biological males in women’s sports during Tuesday’s episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

“Lia Thomas is still the number one swimmer in the world and it’s a biological male. Period. End of discussion. It’s madness. And not only that, hasn’t even gotten – penis removed and has sex with women apparently,” Rogan said of the University of Pennsylvania swimmer. “Just, the whole thing is so crazy that you can call yourself a woman and then you’re a woman. And like, this has nothing to do with trans rights. It just has to do with humans.”

He continued: “It’s why we have weight classes. It’s why we should have the difference between females and males competing against each other, which is why this trans athlete thing f—ing blows my mind – how many people go along with this? If you can just decide you’re a woman, and you compete in a women’s division, and no one’s even allowed to regulate like what that means and if you have any problem with that you’re transphobic.”

The podcaster said addressing biological differences in sports had nothing to do with transphobia.

“We’re talking about fairness in sports. It’s crazy. It is absolutely crazy that this is still going on.We are a society that needs a real problem,” the comedian continued. “We are fixating on these f—ing very strange issues and deciding that we’re gonna correct all the inequities and inequality in the world by allowing these people to express their truth.”

Rogan referred to biological women losing opportunities to biological men identifying as transgender women as a “f—ing crime.”

“It’s horrible. Imagine if you’re a biological woman, you are working you’re a– off. You are fully dedicated to being the best of the best,” he said. “You’re dotting all your I’s and crossing all your T’s. You are watching your diet. You are watching your recovery. You are f—ing trying. And this person who just decides they’re a woman with testosterone flowing through their body for their entire life – just dominates you. It’s f—ing maddening.”

“You’re encouraging mental illness. You’re encouraging virtue-signaling. You’re encouraging mass ideology – this ideological capture of an entire culture where people know things aren’t true,” Rogan continued. “You know it’s not right. You know it’s not accurate. You know it’s not scientifically true and yet people have to espouse these certain things because if they don’t they’ll be labeled transphobic. It’s f—ing wild.”

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