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'We Need a Hard Reset': Pundit Malcolm Flex Says Redpill Movement Has Run It's Course

'Redpill stuff was novel. It was a nice little outlet for the men who felt downtrodden and beaten and marginalized.'

Political commentator Malcolm Flex says the “redpill trend” has run it’s course.

“Redpill,” similar to “woke,” is a term associated with becoming awakened or enlightened to reality. Redpilling is an organic social media movement which rose in rejection to “woke” cultural movements.

The term stems from 1999’s The Matrix in which protagonist Neo is offered a blue pill by Morpheus, who notes Neo will wake up in his bed and believe whatever he want to believe if he takes it. Morpheus also offers a Neo a red pill, which will keep the protagonist in his enlightened state to “see how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Flex, who refers to himself as a “High-Capacity Assault S—poster,” said the advent of the redpill on social media was a countercultural movement in response to the “woke” cultural uprising which sought to empower women while being hypercritical of men.

“Redpill culture, at first, started out as a nice little alternative pushback counterculture,” Flex said in a new video, noting the redpill movement had ushered in other movements, including male-centric groups within the “manosphere” encouraging men to better themselves without a focus on women. “Redpill stuff was novel. It was a nice little outlet for the men who felt downtrodden and beaten and marginalized.”

“The problem is, as all things that start out on social media, they’re algorithmically driven,” he continued, suggesting content creators within the redpill movement and “manosphere” were incentivized to post edgier content to maintain their algorithmic ranking on social media.

Flex compared the initial redpill movement, which focused on encouraging men to become healthier and build a family, with the current “manosphere” trend, which refers to initial redpill goals of marrying and having children as “traps.”

“This idealist picture of what a ‘High Value Man’ is, has become an unattainable moving goalpost that changes with the wind and now in an ironic twist, is used by the same Gynocentric culture it once set out to overturn, as a marker for peak gynocentrism.”

He added: “We need a hard reset.”

“Early on with healthy redpill[s] I took in stride some of those principles like the ‘grindset’ type rhetoric,” Flex told Timcast News, though said he never got involved with subcultures of the redpill movement.

Flex referred to the “manosphere” avenue of the redpill movement as having an “air of homoeroticism as pernicious as woke culture” — which appears to discourage the propagation of human life.

“Currently, redpill culture is at this weird point where men now have replaced the idea of something fulfilling, which is going and creating families, with this, ‘Nah man, we’re just gonna chase all of the pleasures in life. We’re gonna go out, we’re gonna lift and stuff, just so we can impress the bros and sleep with a lot of women,'” he says in the video. “Congratulations, now you’re basically taking on all the issues of having a female and mating and whatnot, but now you’ve got none of the takeaway that comes with forming a family.”

“It makes life a vapid shell, a Flanderization, if you will, of what it’s supposed to be,” he continued. Flex says current supporters of a “manosphere”-centric redpill movement will never experience the fulfillment of creating a child and watching them become a “better version” of themselves.

“A lot of the things that we learned during the redpill movement when it was at it’s zenith were good,” he said, noting initial elements of the redpill movement.

“Improve upon yourself, become a happy, useful, skilled individual … become a high value male,” he said. “But high value male isn’t someone that just goes around and slings d—, and drives fast cars, and has gold and jewelry … that’s just like this metrosexual butt buddy for women.”

“We’re fast approaching a path, when combined with the woke feminist culture, that spawned this new beast of ‘redpill’ cultures and subcultures that will ruin all future generations and shrink our numbers and greatness as a society until we’re uselessly vain pleasure-seekers with no impetus to care for the future or make the world better for future generations,” Flex concluded.

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