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WATCH: CNN’s Leana Wen Says Children Can Remove Masks If ‘Vaccinated and Tested Every Morning’

CNN’s top health expert Dr. Leana Wen claims school children should only be allowed to remove face masks if vaccinated and tested every single day.

“Masks are a very powerful layer of protection. It’s one layer … Let’s say a school or class where everyone is vaccinated in that class, I could imagine that situation where we would remove masks. Or if we have rapid testing. Imagine if every child and teacher were tested every morning, and also they’re vaccinated … Maybe you can remove masks at that time. We’re nowhere near that yet,” said Dr. Wen.

Wen made similar comments last week when she compared unvaccinated people out in public with drunk drivers.

“We need to start looking at the choice to remain unvaccinated the same as we look at driving while intoxicated,” said Wen. “You have the option to not get vaccinated if you want, but then you can’t go out in public, because when you go out in public you have the potential of infecting other people with a potentially deadly disease.”

“Just like you can choose to drink in private if you want, but if you get behind the wheel of a car and can endanger other people, there is an obligation by society to prevent you from doing that,” she added.

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14 responses to “WATCH: CNN’s Leana Wen Says Children Can Remove Masks If ‘Vaccinated and Tested Every Morning’”

  1. MrSooop says:

    “The six feet was arbitrary in and of itself, nobody knows where it came from,” he said.

  2. Devilsgun says:

    This weiner dog faced commie cunt needs to be sent to the kennel, never to return. SHADDAP

  3. getupstandup says:

    I wonder if this crazy lady knows that in China, students are not required to wear masks, only the teacher. No one is mandated to wear masks indoors/outdoors. Our media, education system, large corporations, and political elite have been corrupted by CCP blood money. How is it that the epicenter of this virus, China, is being more rational than our political elite in the west, that have obviously gone bat-shit crazy.

  4. Turk_Longwell says:

    Crazy Crazy Crazy Typical CNN correspondent.

  5. Phantomcode says:

    This lady is insane but when the old people die no one will watch this crap anyway thankfully

  6. Jonny84 says:

    Sounds about right for the former President of Planned Parenthood. Children rights don’t exists, except for maybe hers.

  7. lemonysnick says:

    Can they get this bitch off of TV? She’s a tyrant.

  8. Maiafay says:

    This lady is an absolute nut. Kids shouldn’t be masked. The end.

  9. aphix says:

    Ignore everything that eugenicist propagandist says.

    She’s so deep in the establishment she hasn’t seen sun except through the stained glass in the cathedral in decades.

    Here’s her bio on the World Economic Forum’s site (Y’know the same WEF that brought you “The Great Reset”):

    Quoting from there, look at these associations:

    – Frequent guest on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and National Public Radio
    – Served as President/CEO of the Planned Parenthood
    – Consultant with the WHO, Brookings Institution, and China Medical Board
    – University of Oxford
    – (Apartheid Cecil) Rhodes Scholar
    – In TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People (2019)

  10. Psychlops says:

    So in order for us not to wear masks, we would all need to be vaccinated and then also test everyday? Seems backwards le sigh

  11. Plaguen says:

    She was born in China, she is part of the CCP.

  12. MaineWolf says:

    Woops its .0003 if you round.

  13. Fool_Moony says:

    This women seems demonic

  14. MaineWolf says:

    its sad we are still going round and round with this. There has be what, 200 or less children killed from Covid?
    so like .0001% of the death count? In the U.S

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