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WATCH: Californians Rally to Support Trucker Convoy Headed for DC

‘We the people should have the say,’ one Gold Star Mother said. ‘Our elected leaders should not be handing down these ridiculous mandates.’

Days after the People’s Convoy 2022 left California, Golden State residents gathered in the city of El Monte in Los Angeles County to show their support for the truckers. 

The hundred or so protestors carried signs that read “Liberty! NOT communism” and “Ban Mandates,” and waved Trump, Gadsden, and American flags. A number of those in attendance held combination USA-Canada flags. 

Elad Eliahu was on the scene for Timcast to discuss how the trucker convoy in Canada inspired U.S. truckers, the disparity between vaccination rates in Canadian and American truckers, and the message protestors are hoping to send with their attendance. 

“I love the truckers. I’m so grateful [for] them,” said one woman. “I think it’s beautiful we’re carrying it here in California and we’re going to be in D.C.”

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