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Washington Considers Bill Outlawing Lying About Elections

The policy was first suggested by Governor Jay Inslee on Jan. 6, 2022

The state of Washington is considering a bill that would make it a gross misdemeanor for an elected official or political candidate to lie about the results of an election.

Democrat Governor Jay Insee announced he would support any legislation that imposed legal consequences for officials who lied about the election on Jan. 6, the one-year anniversary of the security breach at the nation’s capital. At the time, no policy of this kind had been proposed.

“It should not be legal in the state of Washington for elected officials or candidates for office to willfully lie about these election results, and unfortunately they are doing that,” Inslee said at an event with the Associated Press. “This needs to be made illegal.”

“The violence of January 6 of last year is just a warning of what is coming and the basis of it is the ‘Big Lie,’” he added. “That’s [why] I’m calling on all elected officials of both parties to join together arm-in-arm and call that out.”

He said that his suggested legislation would not violate the First Amendment, which protects free speech. He also said it could prevent future violence. 

“The courts have held that speech that promotes violence is something that can be regulated to protect the civil society,” Inslee said.

Nine senators subsequently sponsored the bill, which was heard by the state senate for the first time on Jan. 20.

The senators – David Frockt, Patty Kuderer, Sam Hunt, Karen Keiser, Liz Lovelett, Joe Nguyen, T’wina Nobles, Jesse Salomon, Claire Wilson — are all democrats.

SB 5843 describes Washington as “a leader in the country regarding 8 election security and voter accessibility”

“False claims about our election system are damaging, but such claims are even more damaging when made by elected officials,” the proposed bill read. “In the aftermath of the January 6th events, we saw how false statements about the 2020 general election resulted in imminent lawlessness that included five deaths, hundreds of injuries with at least 137 law enforcement officers who sustained injuries, and over $30 million in damage to the United States capitol.”

The sponsor used the 1969 Supreme Court case Brandenburg v. Ohio to justify the policy. In its ruling, the court found that speech that advocates for illegal conduct is protected under the First Amendment except in cases where the speech is likely to incite “imminent lawless action.”

“It is the intent of the legislature to hold elected officials and those that seek to hold an elected position who have taken an oath to uphold the Constitutions of the United States and state of Washington accountable and to prohibit these individuals from bringing forward false claims with the purpose of casting doubt on one of our most sacred institutions,” according to the bill.

Prohibited speech about elections would include “false statements or claims regarding the election process or election results” that are “made for the purpose of undermining the election process or election results” and that “are directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action” as well as “such statements or claims produce such action, related to any election conducted in the state.”

Elected officials who are convicted of the proposed misdemeanor would have to vacate their offices. Individuals who have filed to run for an elected position could be charged with violating the law if their speech is determined to fit the parameters of false speech about an election.

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30 responses to “Washington Considers Bill Outlawing Lying About Elections”

  1. nukedaddy777 says:

    If they were of the truth, they would not fear words that contradict their narrative.

  2. Neversummer160 says:

    Inslee is a fucking embarrassment. When people ask me where I’m from I now say North Korea, not WA. Hes not the governor of Washington state, hes the governor of the democratic peoples republic of Seattle. This knows it too because he rarely ever leaves his kingdom (king county) to venture out to the rest of the state unless its a safe blue area like Walla Walla (for wine tasteing). Last time he came to the Tri Cities ( Richland Pasco Kennewick – east side of the state that hates him) he got boo’d and heckled off stage and had to go set up at the local college to finish his speech.

  3. JeffersonsRepublic says:

    Pandusa, I agree there is an interesting following with diversity of thought and a lot to learn. I have been curious if Timcast expands enough if they will start up a online library of sorts with books from their followers. March will be my one year without using Amazon or a smart phone. Despite my youth, I have become increasingly old school and still enjoy a paper book. I’ve still been able to build a collection through friends, family, thrift shops and local book shops. With Amazon controlling close to 70% of the book market and implementing censorship policies it might be beneficial to have an organized alternative where people can still discuss themes, perspectives, and ideas. Considering a very large percentage of people scroll through forums and consume the written content, it would also allow people without the book to become more familiar with its content. I have a lot of books on self sufficiency, homesteading, history, business management, and intelligent design that I could part ways with.

  4. pandusa says:

    JEFFERSONSREPUBLIC AND WASH.STATE RESIDENTS/FORMER RESIDENTS. Timcast has an interesting following. I learn a lot from comments. According to the article this has happened before although on a smaller scale but just as potentially destructive. Reading about something is one thing, but in Wash. St you have lived it.Thanks for the info.

  5. Foxy says:

    Question: Would you trust this bill if it were passed by Trump?

  6. Cogent-Pursuit says:

    INSLEE OBVIOUSLY HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE! JAN 6 is stupid excuse. Nothing happened in Washington State that resulted because of Culp claiming fraud.

    Its this kind of Authoritarianism from government that will push people over the edge. Tyrants create rebels. Inslee is the one at fault for what happens next.

  7. Marilyn says:

    Fuck you Inslee from a soon to be former Washington resident. It’s amazing the damage you have done to a once wonderful place to live.

  8. Wolv256 says:

    Stop the madness or we’re going to have a revolution. For the safety of the world we beg you to stop the path you’re on.

  9. Bmwtech says:

    What should be a law is to make it a felony for politicians to vote for clear and Blatant violations of the Constitution!

  10. JeffersonsRepublic says:

    Democrats have been propping up Hamilton every chance they get, remember this is Hamilton. ” When it came to national security issues, Hamilton said that the government’s powers “ought to exist without limitations.”


    When Joe Biden says he is going to unite this nation, he doesn’t mean we will all be holding hands singing kumbaya. He means unite us under a central power and authority.

  11. Moiseevy1 says:

    Awww look at the little politicians trying to be big like DC, gooo gooo gah gah!!

  12. pandusa says:

    I agree with previous comments more or less. I believe this is more intimidation “bully” tactics. I read a book by Vince Bugliosi some years ago. He said perjury is not prosecuted on the level people would think. I bet now it will be in Wa. state- if you’re not of the hive. I believe this says in- Democrat-ese “You better keep your mouth shut. If there is any questioning or lying to be done about elections- we will do it. Sit down and shut up or you will be destroyed. We are in control here”. JUGGALO ( below) says Insee is even worse than this. My Dem Gov. Cooper-I must admit has not been that authoritarian. He goes for corporate takeover like Gaggle, Apple and Chinese Corp. ” good jobs for NC”. We will sweep the floors while they deposit their minions in NC. He has Chinese and other money in his pocket . I would bet my hard come by money on it. Like most politicians, he also thinks we are STUPID.

  13. thndrbrd says:

    Heir Inslee.. may he fall in a giant bag o’ dicks.

  14. JeffersonsRepublic says:


    Civil War expert admits U.S is in an anocracy under Biden! She admits that starting civil wars follows a script. Getting rid of the senate, not using the legislative branch, ignoring the surpreme court, and increasing powers of the executive branch is a great way to start a civil war. Another way to start a civil war is to take away from people you know like their ability to visit a museum or work. They of course make it about Trump, but remember the left projects and read between the lines. They talk about segregation when they try to segregate society. They talk about democracy dying when they are trying to radically change demo crazy and they talk about civil war when they are following their own script to try and start one.

  15. BluestateRedcounty says:

    Washington resident here. The Dems here are on serious overreach and even with fraud may lose in the next round. They are trying to ban guns, shut down inquiry, put people in camps and shut down all opposition. The resistance is growing here. We, patriots ,are getting organized and may bring about the next Virginia style upset. We are finally paying very close attention and taking action. Inslee is an exceptionally mediocre man.

  16. MassSkeptic says:

    Let them pass it. Seriously let them. Then when they go down in smoldering flames prosecute them with the very law that they cheered for. You know that liberals have to be dragged out of office kicking and screaming when they lose spectacularly. There was plenty of ‘rigged election’ nonsense coming out of the left in 2016.

  17. Amasterbaiter says:

    Gerrymandering, hanging chad’s and russian collusion are the sneaky seasoned politicians way of saying u fucking cheated…

  18. acruhl says:

    Why stop at lying about elections? Prevent politicians from lying about anything. Oh yeah… Never mind.

  19. J2corpse says:

    That’s a slippery slope. And was the election even properly audited?

  20. J2corpse says:

    No wonder he wants to pass this shit.

  21. Fuck it, I moved to washington state a few years ago and will not move again. I am considering running for his spot. Fuck this bitch. I will not comply with his bullshit.

  22. HerrDoktor says:

    And I’m guessing democrats are the ones who get to decide what is and is not a lie about this? So they can arrest their opponents for saying things they don’t like?
    Hey, that’s fine. There was a law passed in 1789 that says anyone who tries to arrest me for exercising my right to free speech gets shot.

  23. Green_-Bean7 says:

    Sincerly, the pissed off people of WA

  24. Green_-Bean7 says:


  25. Green_-Bean7 says:

    Jay Inslee, Colloquially known as Governor Ass Hat in Yakima. IMPRISON THE DICK TATERS!!!

  26. Garce says:

    I wonder if he saw anything that the sitting buffoon said the other day about illegitimate elections? We all know this rule will not be fairly implemented and there is only minimal effort to even show it as a “bipartisan” effort. It will be implemented about as bipartisan as the infrastructure bill is bipartisan.

  27. Night_Coder says:

    Would this cover politicians saying there was an insurection over the election when there was no insurection?

  28. DangerousDan says:

    Also from WA, hoping to run screaming from my home state before the left bulldozes it into oblivion. It sucks to leave the place you were born but damn. This one may just be the straw that breaks the camels back.

  29. Juggalo says:

    I live in Washington State and can testify this is the least mischievous thing he’s done to subvert our constitution in the last 2 years. His own 2020 Election is currently being investigated.

  30. exactly34 says:

    And here, free speech will be laid to rest. Murdered by the modern left. Fuck all these people.

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