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Voters in VA Turned Away For Not Wearing Masks At Polling Places

According to the Department of Elections, voters cannot be turned away by election officials for not wearing masks

Voting precincts in Virginia are reportedly turning voters away for not wearing masks.

PJ Media reported a Fairfax County resident and his wife were denied access to Precinct 507 in Lincolnia because they did not have face coverings.

The couple also sent the outlet a photo of a sign on the polling place’s door which required employees and visitors over the age of two to wear a mask to enter.

The policy violates the regulations established by the Virginia Department of Elections which clearly state maskless voters cannot be turned away.

“You may offer the voter curbside voting or offer them a face covering if you have any extra available. You cannot turn a voter away because they refuse to use a mask,” the DOE wrote in its official guidance on Sept. 9.

Voters can also not be turned away if they refuse to undergo a temperature check or have a temperature above average. 

“A voter may insist on voting in-person,” said the DOE. “Your election official cannot turn away a voter.”

“The voters, who are fully vaxxed and wish to remain anonymous, were not offered curbside voting, as required by the DoE,” reported PJ Media. “After they insisted, election officials allowed them to use the curbside voting option. In order to exercise that option, the voters, who said they voted for Republican Glenn Youngkin for governor, were required to call a California number to begin the process, which seems … odd.”

Charlie Hurt, a reporter for The Washington Times, raised similar concerns on Twitter.

Matt Schlapp, American Conservative Union President, tweeted that he had been required to wear a mask while voting.  

The left is very aware that the right is against mask-wearing to the point of being defiant. Their hope is that telling them they’ll have to wear a mask will make them refuse on principle and never vote in the first place. It’s a dirty trick if they are trying to pull it off,” wrote The Spectator.

On Oct. 21, the state launched a ‘Vote With Confidence’ website with information on the election process and the government’s efforts to ensure the accuracy of election outcomes. While there are no mentions of face maks on the website, it does say that “a voter who arrives at the polling place without an acceptable form of identification or who refuses to sign an ID Confirmation Statement, will be given the opportunity to vote a provisional ballot.” 

Voters then have until Friday to either deliver a copy of identification to their locality’s electoral board or sign an ID Confirmation Statement, where they confirm they are who they say they are.

Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin has pushed ahead of Democrat former Governor Terry McAuliffe in recent weeks. 

Republican pollster and strategist Frank Luntz told CNBC he believes there is “about an 80 percent chance” that Youngkin will win.

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9 responses to “Voters in VA Turned Away For Not Wearing Masks At Polling Places”

  1. pandusa says:

    Turned away, hopefully for the last time… I hear there is a new administration in town (state).

  2. drspinaltap says:

    If people can not have their voices heard legally, they will resort to illegal measures. Every infringement on our rights brings us closer to kinetic warfare. You can not keep abusing americans!

  3. dovy says:

    The mask mandate expired I believe. That being said, you can still grab a mask and go vote. It’s not that hard…

  4. Hazmatcvma says:

    Sadly the Virginia RNC will do nothing about it except talk and pretend to care.

  5. Sean1095 says:

    Virginia does have a mask mandate. People know better.

  6. Garce says:

    24th Amendment case should be incoming. This is a form of a poll tax and is unconstitutional.

  7. unspecialnoob says:

    You can bet your ass, if it were Dem voters being turned away, this would be plastered all over national news and lawsuits would already be lined up to dispute the results. Probably also have mentions of Russian collusion as well.

  8. Will_Was_Here says:

    I suspect this election has already been “fortified” ahead of time.

  9. DanielLW says:

    So this is their strategy to steal this election. Turn away people who aren’t wearing their sign of fealty to the Democrat party and hope they don’t find out they were illegally turned away until it’s too late to vote.