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Viktor Bout Warns Trump of Assassination Threat From the Biden Administration

‘They would sooner end your life than let you stand in their way’

Notorious Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout says that he sent a message to former President Donald Trump warning him of the potential for assassination, as efforts to prosecute the 45th U.S. president ramp up in three separate jurisdictions.

Bout, nicknamed the “Merchant of Death,” was freed last year in a prisoner swap with WNBA star Brittney Griner, who was jailed in Russia after drugs were found in her luggage.

“I sent a telegram to former President Donald Trump. I believe his life is in great danger,” Bout said in a video clip discussing the cable. “The indictment in New York will not end well, where he returns to election/campaigning. He will be destroyed.”

In a separate video clip of the same interview on the Russia-24 news channel, Bout says the New York case will not just end with Trump being convicted and barred from the election, but that “most likely, he will simply be eliminated there.”

“Therefore, I think it’s in the interests of all of humanity, and primarily of the American people, to invite Donald Trump here, to Russia, to give him security and protection here, so that he leads this uprising against the globalists and, most importantly, does not allow the elimination of the American people.”

A purported copy of the cable from Bout to Trump says Bout believes the former president’s life is in danger because he tried to save the American people from “the genocidal globalist cabal.”

Bout used language Trump often uses by referring to the “swamp” as the driving force behind the United States’ descent into anarcho-tyranny. Bout said in the telegram that “the Biden administration will not stop just by dragging you through the court/prison industrial complex,” adding that “they would sooner end your life than let you stand in their way.”

Many of Trump’s supporters believe that the recent indictment by New York prosecutors, as well as a separate investigation in its final stages in Georgia and a third investigation by a special prosecutor in Washington, D.C., are politically-motivated attempts to take him off the board for the 2024 presidential election.

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