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University Of Cincinnati Professor Formally Reprimanded For Failing Student Who Used 'Biological Women'

Melanie Rose Nipper Must Complete A Free Speech Training And Submit Syllabi For The Upcoming School Year

University of Cincinnati adjunct professor Melanie Rose Nipper, who failed a student on a project for using the term “biological women,” has officially been reprimanded by the college.

The student, Olivia Krolczyk, detailed the incident in a May TikTok which subsequently viral.

The university has formally reprimanded Nipper for failing Krolczyk on her project, according to a June 14 document originally obtained by the Cincinnati Enquirer.

“Please note that this is to be considered a formal reprimand for your actions. A copy of this letter will be placed in your permanent records,” the university reportedly informed Nipper.

“It is also understood that any other violations of UC policy may be subject to further disciplinary actions up to and including termination,” the University of Cincinnati continued. “You are reminded that as an unrepresented, unclassified ‘at will’ employee your employment may be terminated with or without cause.”

According to the university, Nipper must complete a free speech training and will also be required to submit syllabi for the upcoming school year.

Nipper refuted the university’s decision to discipline, saying her efforts to restrict “harmful speech” was “necessary to ensure a safe learning environment in the course discussions and for the pedagogical purpose of teaching introductory WGSS theory,” the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

The adjunct professor also felt it was “necessary to educate [Krolczyk] regarding inclusive language to ensure a safe learning environment for other students in the course discussion boards.”

Krolczyk said Nipper’s assignment was “broad” as students were allowed freedom to choose a topic relating to feminism using at least three sources from class to support their work.

The directions for her project specifically noted the assignment was “developmental,” and “thoughtful proposals submitted on time will receive full credit,” according to Krolczyk.

“I used the term ‘biological’ to clarify that I was talking about real women, females,” Krolczyk added. “Somehow my usage of ‘biological’ is being seen as transphobic by multiple people on social media.”

“The fact that I have to preface the ‘kind of women’ that I’m talking about represents the unfortunate reality and confusion we face in today’s education system.”

Nipper revealed her identity, which Krolczyk originally kept anonymous, in a subsequent interview with the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The adjunct professor also doubled down on her decision to fail Krolczyk on her assignment, saying it was necessary to correct students using “outdated terminology,” noting students are not given a failing grade for the course but rather the assignment in question.

“This is unacceptable based on the community, the marginalized individuals that are at stake, and also the foundations of the course,” Nipper said of students violating her standards.

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