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U.S. Rep. Troy Nehls Says He Is The Target of an Illegal Investigation by U.S. Capitol Police

'What is this administration willing to do to the American people? I mean, it has to stop this,' Nehls told Timcast

On Tuesday, U.S. Rep. Troy Nehls claimed that U.S. Capitol Police intelligence officers illegally entered his office in November and photographed legislative documents. He speculates that the actions came because of his criticism of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the select committee investigating the Capitol events on Jan. 6, 2021. 

Nehls, a former Sheriff from Fort Bend, Texas, helped defend the Capitol on the day of the attack. He helped police barricade the doors to control the crowd from further entering the buildings. 

Nehls has since labeled the capital riot investigation as a Democrat-led attack on former President Donald Trump.

He now claims that he is the target of an internal investigation for questioning the actions of Nancy Pelosi and others, who have called the events on Jan. 6 an “attack on democracy” by those who hold extreme alt-right views. 

In an interview with Timcast, Nehls said, “I’ve been very, very vocal and very critical of the intelligence sections, specifically [assistant] chief [Yogananda] Pittman, who had all the intelligence on the Jan. 3 assessment.” 

“We knew the Capitol was the target. So the point is, is that this is more than just mere coincidence. I’ve been very vocal about the the death of Ashley Babbitt. And I’ve done interviews on that and said that that shooting was not justified in any form or fashion, and should have gone to a grand jury,” Nehls continued.

Nehls took to Twitter to share his concerns surrounding the incident that occurred in his office. 

Nehls said that the capitol police first entered his office on Nov. 20, stating the office was open and unattended. The officers claim this was part of a routine security check. 

However, after seeing no one was present, Officer Diaz took pictures of a whiteboard containing the words “body armor” and a drawing of a building with an X on it. He reported the image as suspicious and turned over the report to Officer Thomas Andriko of the Threats Assessment section.  

Then on Nov. 22, according to Nehls, officers dressed as “construction workers” attempted to reenter the congressman’s office, where they encountered one of Nehls’ staff members. Upon encountering, they inquired about the photo and contents in question. 

According to Thomas Manger, Chief of the U.S. Capitol Police, the inquiry produced sufficient evidence to dismiss concerns, and there was no ongoing investigation. 

Since late January, Nehls has had multiple correspondences with Manger and other officials within the U.S. Capitol Police. He inquired about the need and nature of the alleged investigation, including a request for all records of the incident. 

Nehls provided copies of the communication between his office and the U.S. Capitol Police. There is no mention of a photograph taken by Diaz in the initial report, but it appears later in further documents and a memo which was updated on Jan. 6, 2022.

No records of the internal use or distribution of the report, photo, or investigation have been furnished to Nehls thus far. As of this writing, the leadership of the U.S. Capitol Police has ceased communication with Nehls regarding the incident. 

Nehls is not satisfied with the response of Manger or the U.S. Capitol Police. He said there is a significant concern over the use of federal resources for what he deems to be partisan political agendas. 

“We know that the left [has] start[ed] using federal agencies for [their] own benefit… Obama using the FBI to investigate Trump into Russia collusion during his campaign to look at guys like the NSA looking into Tucker Carlson looking at his emails and his text messages,” said Nehls.

“If you can now go in and go after Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, [and] sitting members of Congress, what is this government? What is this administration willing to do to the American people? I mean, it has to stop this,” Nehls told Timcast.

The public information officer for the Capitol Police did not immediately respond to questions submitted by Timcast on Feb. 8.

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