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Two People Fired After Publicly Criticizing Police Funerals in NYC

The funeral of slain NYPD Officer Jason Rivera has drawn much attention, along with public criticism of police conduct by locals

Two people who took to social media to criticize New York City’s memorials for police officers have been fired amidst public outcry. 

A New York City actress, Jacqueline Guzman, was fired from her theater company for ranting about the inconvenience of street closures for slain cop Jason Rivera’s funeral. She posted her now-viral rant to her TikTok account.

“We do not need to shut down most of Lower Manhattan because one cop died for probably doing his job incorrectly. They kill people who are under 22 every single day for no good reason and we don’t shut down the city for them,” said Jacqueline Guzman on the clip.


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Guzman spoke as she filmed herself Friday walking down an empty street, which had closed off. She has since deleted the video from her account, but multiple accounts across the internet have reposted it.

“Like this is f–king ridiculous. This is f–king ridiculous. What if somebody is having a heart attack in this area. Nobody can get to them because it’s all blocked off for one f–king cop,” she ranted.

Guzman’s acting company, Face to Face Films, responded quickly to her post and stated that the company was no longer working with the actress.

“Face to Face Films has just been made aware of an insensitive video involving one of our members, Jacqueline Guzman. Face to Face Films does not support nor can condone these comments made about fallen Officer Rivera. As a result, she is no longer a member of our company,” the company posted on its Facebook page.

A teacher from Brooklyn appeared to call for violence against police officers in a photo posted to Instagram during the same funeral for Officer Rivera.

Christopher Flanigan captioned the post on his Instagram story: “5/30/20: NYPD SUV drives into a crowd of protestors. Ideal conditions for reciprocity,” according to a report by the New York Post. 

Flanigan, who taught math at Coney Island Prep charter school, has since been fired from his teaching position.

The teacher claimed his words were “misconstrued” and that he was only trying to show the “vulnerability” of the massive crowd when he spoke to the New York Post.

Coney Island Prep didn’t accept his excuse and fired Flanigan.

“We do not condone or promote violence of any sort,” said the school’s CEO Leslie-Bernard Joseph in a statement released Sunday. “As of this afternoon, Mr. Flanigan is no longer employed at Coney Island Prep.”

Flanigan told the New York Post that his use of “reciprocity” was not intended to be a call for violence against police. 

“Not in the sense for people to be driving or to be doing anything similar to what the police did,” he said. “But they put themselves in a similar position by being all there, all together, and it’s similar to how the protesters were.”

Flanigan’s Instagram post referred to an incident that followed George Floyd’s death in May 2020 when an NYPD vehicle drove into a crowd of protestors demonstrating against police brutality.

The public took to social media to criticize Flanigan as outrage continued over his social media post.

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