Two California Men Arrested and Charged With Felonies for Doing Burnouts on Black Lives Matter Street Mural

The Santa Cruz police have arrested two young men for doing burnouts on a Black Lives Matter mural painted in the street.

Law enforcement has now arrested 20-year-old Brandon Bochat and 19-year-old Hagan Warner for the tire marks in the street. They are being charged with felony vandalism and conspiracy to commit a felony.

The Santa Cruz Police Department released a statement on Sunday saying that they had received reports that the mural was vandalized with tread marks.

“SCPD Investigators were called in to begin immediate follow-up work to identify the suspect(s). With assistance from the community, Detectives were able to obtain video of the crime, in which a vehicle is seen intentionally ‘burning out’ and applying tire tread marks across the length of the mural. With this video evidence, Investigators have identified a possible vehicle and person(s) of interest,” the statement said.

The police department also included a quote from the NAACP’s local branch president Brenda Griffin.

“This crime saddens me greatly. The NAACP is glad the police have placed a high priority on this investigation. It’s extraordinarily frustrating as some people still don’t get Black Lives Matter too. This mural is a symbol of hope. We want our youth to know we have their backs.”

In a tweet, the department wrote that “there is NO place for racism and acts of hate” in the city. They also promoted a community briefing on the investigation.

SCPD police chief Andy Mills said during a press conference that the tire marks were intentional and that they had chose to do the burnouts on the mural instead of other areas of the city.

“The Black community, the community at large, the people of color in our community felt this was a personal attack,” Mills said. “Let’s face it, of the 5,000-plus street segments in our city, that was the only one? We can see what took place here.”

The young men have been released on bond.

Warner’s grandfather told the Associated Press that he does not believe that it was an act of “hate.”

“They are kids, they did something stupid. They made a mistake,” the grandfather told the AP.

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18 responses to “Two California Men Arrested and Charged With Felonies for Doing Burnouts on Black Lives Matter Street Mural”

  1. Yobuyahouse says:

    Now that is wheel control

  2. rgsmith says:

    How can they be prosecuted for being racist against a racist street graffiti?

  3. They should be arrested for doing such a crappy job. I expect atleast several donuts.

  4. mainten84 says:

    Those aren’t burn out tracks. But the headline is way better if you say so.

  5. PseudoSwede says:

    Flawless execution on the part of the driver though! And for a 19/20 year old, that’s some decent handling!!!

  6. PseudoSwede says:

    So is it only felony vandalism with which they’re being charge because of the stupid amounts of public tax dollars that were spent on this eye sore?

  7. NoOne123 says:


  8. Jillzy11 says:

    The left this sending a clear message to anyone not on their side. The hammer will come down, and come down relentlessly on anyone who dares to go against them. January 6th was a clear warning

  9. Pepe_Knows_Biden_Cheated says:

    Anyone able to setup a go fund me for those lads? They’ll be needing some fresh Pirellis after that tidy bit of diffin. Toe tight to the headlight!

  10. AUDREK says:

    On the real though… he did an awesome burnout. Super clean good form. Btw most of our streets are in that condition…

  11. Unkwn says:

    Good. I could give a damn about the mural. I hope this happens more often.

  12. Mazmonsters says:

    BLM is a terrorist organization and threat to the nation. The kids should have said, “We believe all black lives matter, not just the criminals that BLM props up as tokens in their Marxist agenda of destroying western civilization.

  13. IntegratedCrazy says:

    Stay 🔫. Open 🔥

  14. DakotaJim says:

    Maybe they should have just tried to burn down a court house?

  15. Zehnon says:

    If burning the flag is freedom of speech, then burning out over a BLM mural is freedom of speech.

  16. DavidG says:

    Someone should wear a mask and take a Sh!T on the logo

  17. theframerswereright says:

    Of course this is a “high priority” investigation… forget all those people that died in the nursing homes, THIS is far worse.

  18. endless3cho says:

    There is ZERO evidence of hate or racism in this act. This is a victimless crime… something these regressive leftists often opine about. BTW, it’s ridiculous to put a mural on a road, especially when that road is well-travelled upon.